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Dead of Summer - Townies - Review

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The show continues looking at the adults this week. It’s Deputy Garrett’s turn and again I wasn’t as emotionally caught up in the flashback story as I have been with the teen stories. When it all came together I understood how it was constructed but it didn’t hook me emotionally.

The episode started with a rather easy to spot switcheroo. One boy convinces the other to destroy the school principle’s car. I quickly realized the other little boy was going to turn out to be Damon. It was also obvious to me that the bad seed in the pair would be Garrett. Garrett is sent to Camp Stillwater as a punishment for being a little s**t.

Garrett, of course, hates the place. Jessie, espousing teamwork, tries to befriend him but he’s more interested in fighting than teamwork. We find out when Michael's trouble started when Garrett’s father shows up to get Michael (Joel’s brother) and take him away (to a hospital or home wasn’t clear.) Bratty Garrett accuses his father of showing up at the camp to spy on him. Michael was having visions and babbling about a cave. (It makes me a little nuts to see kids talk to their parents like this. It was simply not allowed in my family.)

Garrett is just starting to really get into the swing of things, he helps the Red Team win the competition for the first time in years, only to be greeted with the news of his father’s death. Luckily, he received the kiss from Jessie before getting this upsetting news.

In the present, Garrett is still convinced he’s simply dealing with a bunch of dangerous crazies who are after Amy. He comes up with a plan to use her as bait to draw out said crazies. The Sheriff agrees with the plan.

Most of the counselors stick close to the main camp, but Drew and Blair use their time away from the others to finally get past the hurt caused when Drew confessed to having been born Andrea. They agree to be friends. But the weight of how dangerous the situation at the camp has been makes Blair realize that he doesn’t want to lose Drew without exploring their potential relationship.

Since Garrett doesn’t believe in any of the supernatural aspects of the case he doesn’t consider the scenario where Amy walks off on her own to join the bad guys. Whatever possesses her walks her into the cave and even slices Amy’s arm so that her blood will drip into an underground pool.

It’s Jessie that gets Garrett to open his mind enough to accept that Michael’s drawing from 1982 and Anton’s drawing from that morning are important clues to what’s happened to Amy. Garrett ignores Jessie’s extremely reasonable suggestion that he not go alone and dashes off to rescue her.

The acolytes have been promised that once the ritual is completed, and their blood mixes with Amy’s, they’ll be granted immortality. Being good and loyal acolytes they slit their own throats and fall into the pool.

Garrett shows up to rescue Amy. He dives into the pool to save her from drowning and sees the demon at the root of all these goings on. The demon tries to pull Garrett to his death, but Jessie is there to rescue them both. Young Jessie was right, they do make a good team.

I keep trying to figure out the actual age difference between Jessie and Garrett because the actors look to be more than ten years apart in age but the characters can’t be more than a couple of years can they?

Joel seems to suspect that it’s not over yet. Garrett still refuses to believe that there is any supernatural element going on here. Although, he does confess to Alex that he never said he hadn’t seen anything he could not explain away.

The big revelation of the episode, as promised, is the revelation about The Teacher. It’s the Sheriff. He killed Garrett’s father; his best friend and blamed it on young Garrett. Young Garrett told him about his Dad and the investigation into Michael’s visions. The Sheriff confesses to killing Garrett’s father. But he says that neither he nor the acolytes killed Dan and Cricket.

Even after confessing to Garrett that he killed his father, the Sheriff tries to get Garrett to join him. Garrett does a stupid thing that the Sherriff doesn’t take advantage of. He walks right up on him with the gun. I really was waiting on him to grab the gun and kill Garrett. But instead Garrett empties his gun into the Sheriff, including one to the forehead. Until that shot I was pretty sure the Sherriff had gone through the ritual and would be back. Now I’m not so sure.

So….Do you think Damon and the Acolytes are going to be immortal or did Garrett make his rescue in time to really stop it? Who killed Cricket? Is it time for me to consider I’m wrong about Holyoke? What did you guys think of the episode?

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