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Dark Matter - We Should Have Seen This Coming - Review: "Trust Me" + POLL

Dark Matter delivered an emotionally powerful episode fueled by a powerhouse performance by Melanie Liburd and this tremendously talented cast. This episode revolved around the fact that the crew is forced to deal with the topic of family after Nyx tricked them into helping her rescue her brother Milo (played by Falling Skies vet Mpho Koaho). They also must deal with the divides within their own family as Three and Six must confront their issues head-on. Most importantly, the crew had to decide if Nyx and Devon have a place within their complicated ship-family. After this episode, I think Nyx is more a member of the crew than ever before, but Devon is still sitting on the outskirts. He isn’t making much of an effort to be a part of the crew and the crew isn’t really making much of an effort to incorporate him. The drugs are all he seems to really care about and the need for them seems to have completely consumed him. Unlike Nyx, I don’t think Devon really cares where he is as long as he has access to drugs.

To make Devon’s situation worse, Nyx’s plan to get the crew to help her save Milo, involved a drug heist from her former captors. That is exactly what Devon didn’t need to have easy access to. At least he was able to stay focused, and sober-ish, long enough to perform his duties as a doctor. For Milo’s sake, it was a good thing that Devon was onboard, because when they got him back to the ship he was in rough shape, which makes me wonder how Nyx was able to survive after her escape from the Seers. She doesn’t appear to have any reliance on drugs now, so she either obtained enough of a supply to wean herself off, or she went cold-turkey. Given Nyx’s strong-willed personality I can see her sucking up the misery and suffering through a painful withdrawal. I did find a lot of similarities in her escape and what we know of Two’s escape from Dwarf Star Technologies. Both went on a murderous rampage in a bid to escape their torturers captors and seek out freedom. Both women were being used and exploited and both found a powerful inner strength to fight back. I think Two may have seen some of the correlations between her own past and what she was seeing of Nyx’s which is why she was inclined to help save Milo.

The moment Two turned her gun on Nyx it was evident that Two had some serious choices to make. She had been deceived by a new member of her crew, again, but for very different reasons than someone like Arax who was just out for himself. Nyx told a lie, yes, but she did it for very noble reasons in order to rescue someone she loved. In that moment when Two’s gun was trained on her, she knew that the only option she had to sway Two was complete sincerity. Two saw Nyx’s genuineness and made a split-second decision to help. It was with that single decision that Two finally began the process of integrating Nyx into the core part of her crew and therefore a part of the Raza family. Convincing the others took a bit more persuasion, but I think by the end of the episode Nyx was beginning to find some acceptance from other members of the crew. She’s still got some work to do, but she seems much more a part of the crew now than she did prior to this episode. After the loss of Milo, again, and unbeknownst to her in a permanent way, she’s going to need some time to mourn his absence.

Given Nyx’s ability to foresee/sense things I think she may have known how final Milo’s goodbye was. Perhaps she didn’t know exactly what he had planned, but I think she knew it was the last time she was ever going to see her brother again. As a big fan of Falling Skies I was really hoping we'd see Mpho Koaho hang around in a recurring capacity, but I understand why the show had to kill off Milo. I may not like it, but I understand it. One of the most poignant scenes in the episode was after Milo left and Nyx was alone in her quarters. Melanie Liburd allowed Nyx to convey so much in that silent moment. With her knees pulled up to her chest we got to see this strong woman in a vulnerable state. One of the many admirable things about Dark Matter is that all of the characters are allowed to be three-dimensional with their moments of great strength and moments of raw emotion. I won’t call those moments of emotion weakness because the feeling of loss or sorrow is a very human emotion and even the strongest amongst us aren’t immune to those emotions, but it was a moment of realistic vulnerability. Liburd beautifully captured this moment as she let Nyx have this moment of emotional release as she gave a raw and true performance. Nyx’s pain was evident even before the tears started to streak down her cheeks. The attempt at suppressing pent up sobs was heartbreaking as Nyx desperately tried to not fall completely apart. The fact that she was all alone in her room really amplified the feeling of isolation around this character. It is ironic, because at this point in her life, on the Raza, she’s more connected with like minded people than ever before, even more so than when she was connected to a collective of minds. The crew risked everything for her, and while they seem to have started to accept her as one of their own she must now accept her place amongst them. With the loss of Milo, they are now the only family she has left. Not to mention, we still don't know who the "he" was that was mentioned during Nyx's flashback escape, so she's likely to need the support of the crew if this mystery man makes another move on her. This mystery "he" seemed very ominously similar to the "he" that has been referenced in regards to Two's past. Could these two still somehow be linked through this mysterious "he"? I can't help but still feel like Nyx and Two have something in their respective pasts that will connect them, but I guess only time will tell.

Milo’s death also leaves the crew with yet another enemy gunning for them. There is no way this is the last we’ve heard of the Seers and their diabolical plans to take over. It doesn’t help that Milo delivered several ominous warnings. No more ominous than the one he burdened Four with as he revealed another member of the crew will betray them. Once again we’re back to wondering which member of the crew will betray them this time. I don’t think Six will go down that path again, so he can be ruled out. The Raza is Two’s ship, so I can’t see her betraying them all because while that may have been in Portia’s nature it’s not in Two’s. Three is a bigger softy than he’d like people to know and he truly cares for his crewmates, so I put him in the less likely category. My controversial picks as suspects are Devon, Four, Five, and possibly even the Android. The first two probably aren’t that surprising given Devon’s erratic behavior and Four’s multiple confessions that his primary loyalty is to his home planet. I think Devon would sell out all of them for a chance to score the drugs he’s dependent on. Unfortunately, that’s what addiction does to people, making him a strong candidate. Four cares for the crew, but if it comes down to his home planet or the Raza crew I’m afraid that he won’t make the choice we want him to. The show sewed some ominous seeds in the first episodes of the season with Five’s still mysterious past. I don’t want to believe that she’d be capable of betraying the crew she loves, especially given how much it hurt her that Six betrayed them, but weirder things have happened. Milo wasn’t specific with his view into the future so we don’t know if the betrayal is voluntary or forced upon the person. So, as much as I hate to shed doubt on her, I think Five is a viable suspect. I also think the Android has the potential to involuntarily betray the crew. She’s had her programming messed with and altered a lot this season, so someone could possibly manipulate something within her to force her to betray them. Again, I hate to cast doubt on her, but this show has taught me to not rule out anything. Leave your theories in the comments. Who will betray them this time?

Thanks to Milo we also know the corporate war that has been brewing is about to reach its boiling point. The crew is positioned to make a big difference in that war. He also made mention of the power of a single individual. I feel like this prophecy may actually pertain more to Five or even Two. My gut feeling is that Five is going to be the one that turns the tides in the coming war. But I’m not ruling out that Two would risk herself in order to give her crew and the Universe a fighting chance. Milo may have only had a short time with the crew, but he has left a lasting impression. Knowing what they know I can’t help but wonder if the crew can do anything to sway the outcomes. Will Four trust anyone else with the knowledge that one of them will betray the others? If he does tell them, will knowing allow them to change the outcome? Or is this destiny fated and impossible for them to change? Will Five and Nyx tell the others about the impending war? If they do, can the crew make decisions to better position themselves or are they slaves to the path destiny has laid out for them? This episode laid out a lot of interesting questions that the crew is going to have to face as they move forward towards this imminent war.

As if the crew didn’t have enough things to juggle they had to make a risky move in order to go back and retrieve Three and Six from the hostile planet they took refuge in. Given the tension revolving around Six, it was important for him and Three to spend some time alone. Two and Five still have their issues with Six, but they have accepted him back into the fold. Four at least seems to have made some peace with Six, but Three is much more stubborn so it took being alone for him to deal with Six. Given that Six and Three were building a friendship before the betrayal I can see why Three is so hesitant to trust him again. Roger Cross and Anthony Lemke always bring a fun dynamic when they share a scene. There is something about them that can even make the most tense of scenes have a light feel. Maybe it’s Lemke’s perfect timing in his delivery of sarcastic lines or Cross’ larger than life personality, but they make the perfect duo when paired off together. I like that someone finally confronted Three about his tough guy act not being as believable as he’d like it to be. Three may try to act like he doesn’t care, but in fact, I think he has one of the biggest hearts of the entire crew. Yes, he’s screwed up in his life, but we know a lot of that has to do with that early trauma in his past. He went out of his way to protect that kid a few episodes back and he continually helps his crewmates despite his complaining about it. The one common thing all of these characters share is that they are all alone. Outside of the Raza they really have nothing and no one, so the Raza is their home and their crewmates are their family. Three may not have remembered the murder of his parents, but somewhere in the dark recesses of his brain he understood that he’d been betrayed before. His parents trusted Larcan and that got them killed. Three trusted Six and that nearly got him and his friends killed. No one can really fault Three for having trust issues, especially with what we know about him, but I think this alone time was a step in the right direction for these two. I don’t expect Three to be all friendly with Six again, but maybe he’ll start to be a tad less hostile now.

While on the topic of friends, I need to address the Android’s choice to revert to her old personality matrix. I love how supportive Two is regarding the Android and how she treats her just like every other member of the crew. When the Android was trying to explain her choice Two just got it. She understands wanting to be true to who you are and she allows the Android the freedom to explore that. Two could so easily treat the Android like an object she can just order around, but she doesn’t. It’s a truly unique take on an Android and captain partnership. I’d love to know how Portia treated the Android before the mind wipe. Were they as close as Two and the Android are? Did Portia treat her more like an object than a person? I do hope we get to see some flashbacks of the early days of the Raza crew coming together because I think that would be fascinating. For some reason, I feel like the Android and Portia encountered each other not long after Rebecca made her break for freedom. Hopefully one day we’ll get more of the Android’s backstory so we can learn more about what makes her so special and unique to other Android’s. With her back to her normal form, I’m excited to see her get to evolve naturally without the need for an upgrade.

This is a friendship that may become progressively more important if the last seconds of this episode are any indication. It would appear that the Raza’s fearless leader has something going on. For someone with nerves of steel and incredible reflexes, it was a little unsettling to see her look startled when she dropped the glass. Something was definitely going wrong with her hand. I can’t remember her taking any blows to her hands and I don’t think she hit anything to injure them. Even if she had, her nanobots should have been able to heal it up before she even registered an injury. This ending has me concerned for Two, but she has survived a lot so I’m hopeful that she’ll be able to overcome whatever is going on. I hope that she will seek out Devon or at the very least the Android for a checkup. It does pose an interesting question if anything happens to Two who is her second? Three is a loose cannon at best on most days, so not the best candidate to lead. Four is a natural born leader but I don’t think he’d want to get tied down to the Raza permanently. Five is far too young and I don’t think Two would wish that burden on her. And Six, well that option should speak for itself; he’s not exactly the most trustworthy right now and I doubt the crew would follow him. Devon is definitely not leader material. Nyx is the most like Two, but she’s new and still earning the trust of the crew plus she’s too much of a loner to be able to lead the crew right now. The Android could realistically lead the crew for a bit, but I think she functions best with a commanding officer to report to. However, in a pinch, the Android could stick in her upgrade and I think she’d be a strong leader in an interim capacity. Seriously, I have no idea who would lead if anything ever happens to Two. I’m hoping we never have to find out, but I am curious who Two considers her second-in-command.

This was a great episode that I hope has helped people better understand Nyx and her place on the ship. I don’t think she has malicious intent for them, she just wants to belong, but I also think that both sides still have some work to do to fully learn to trust one another. Curiously, Four seems to have really taken to Nyx. He seems to enjoy training with her and he went out of his way to help her brother. Granted, when she finds out Milo is dead thanks to a blade supplied by Four, I am curious what she’ll think then. Even though Four’s intentions were noble in trying to help Milo avoid more torture, it’s going to be hard for Nyx to accept if she ever finds out. When they first started training together a few episodes back I thought this could be an interesting friendship, but I didn’t expect the show to develop it more. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted the show to further develop this. I was worried that Four making friends with Nyx would seem forced. Of all the people on the ship that I would expect to see trying to welcome the newbies into the ranks, Four definitely wasn’t a contender. But this episode made me appreciate this budding friendship as we got to see a softer side to Four. A side that is willing to go out of his way to help someone for no betterment of himself. Okay, so he did try to get info about his home world, but that seemed like a bit of an afterthought once he got to talking with Milo. I’m excited to see them become better friends, especially if it gives Four more to do besides being a badass warrior. Don’t get me wrong, I adore badass Four, but I know Alex Mallari Jr. has a diverse acting range and I’d love to get to see him be able to stretch that more. Besides, Four could use a new friend.

A lot of things were set up in this episode. The crew has a new enemy in the Seers, Four and Five will have to contend with the prophecies Milo laid on them, and eventually the crew is going to have to deal with whatever is going on with Two. Things are starting to happen at a much faster pace as the show gears up for the back half of the season and the mad dash to the season finale. They laid the groundwork for some intense times ahead so I think fans should buckle in because this ride seems like it’s about to get even wilder.

Be sure to tune into the next episode on Friday, August 12th at 10/9C on Syfy in the US and Space Channel in Canada.

Hit the comments with your thoughts regarding this episode. Did this episode change your opinion of Nyx? Who do you think will betray the crew? Who will be the singular savior of the universe? What is going on with Two?

Which character did Joseph Mallozzi describe as a Koala?

JM: Five, for some reason I see koala. Kind of adorable but incredibly capable as well.

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