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Dark Matter - Episode 2.08 - Stuff To Steal; People To Kill - Sneak Peek, Promo, Interview, Promotional Photos & Synopsis

Sneak Peek

Post Mortem Interview
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

The TV Junkies: I have to ask – why Devon?

Joseph Mallozzi: One of the themes of the show is the idea that you have a past and in many instances you regret your past mistakes. You’re given an opportunity of redemption and redemption can take many forms. One of them is being selfless and doing something to help others.

Essentially, for Devon, he’s been in a dark place because of what happened on that ship. He lost that girl, he holds himself responsible and, in his mind, he’s like [the old Raza crew]. It’s even worse for him because he remembers his past. Unlike them, who were intentionally hurting people, he didn’t, and yet it weighs on him as heavily as any of the things they did, or heavier because he actually knows, whereas they don’t have that emotional connection to those memories.

He’s on that space station, and [the Seers] are looking for the Raza and his response is, ‘they left without me.’ Here he is, walking into a trap set for him and they ask about Nyx. He has the opportunity to give them information and potentially save his life and he decides he’s not going to do it. It’s his penance, in a way, for his past sins. That’s how he’s going to seek redemption. They’re looking for Nyx, she’s right upstairs in the space station waiting for him, he knows exactly where she is, and he doesn’t tell them, and he ends up paying for it. It’s dark, but it’s an extreme example of a character finding redemption, in the end.

TTVJ: So we won’t be seeing any #DevonLives Twitter campaigns anytime soon?

JM: Fans could try, but Devon is done.


A Blink Drive test goes awry, propelling the Raza to a parallel reality.

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