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Upcoming Episode Titles - Various Shows - 2nd July 2016

Here are various new Episode Titles that have been released.

24: Legacy - Episode 1.01 - 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Elementary - Episode 5.01 - Folie a Deux
Prison Break - Episode 5.01 - Ogygia
Prison Break - Episode 5.02 - Kaniel Outis
Prison Break - Episode 5.04 - The Prisoner's Dilemma
Prison Break - Episode 5.06 - Paecia
Prison Break - Episode 5.08 - Progeny
Queen of the South - Episode 1.07 - El Hombre Pajaro
Queen of the South - Episode 1.08 - Billete De Magia
Queen of the South - Episode 1.09 - Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar
Queen of the South - Episode 1.10 - Esta 'cosa' Que Es Nuestra
Queen of the South - Episode 1.11 - Punto Sin Retorno
Queen of the South - Episode 1.12 - Quinientos Mil
Queen of the South - Episode 1.13 - Cicatriz (Finale)
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll - Episode 2.06 - Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll - Episode 2.07 - Tramps Like Us
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll - Episode 2.08 - Ghosts of Skibbereen
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll - Episode 2.09 - Rolling in the Deep
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll - Episode 2.10 - Bang Bang (Finale)
Shots Fired - Episode 1.03 - Somebody's Son
Shots Fired - Episode 1.04 - Truth
Shots Fired - Episode 1.05 - Before the Storm
Shots Fired - Episode 1.06 - The Fire This Time
Shots Fired - Episode 1.07 - The Content of Their Character
Shots Fired - Episode 1.08 - Rock Bottom
Son of Zorn - Episode 1.09 - Happy Grafelnik
The Librarians - Episode 3.08 - And The Eternal Question
The Strain - Episode 3.01 - New York Strong
The Strain - Episode 3.02 - Bad White
The Strain - Episode 3.03 - First Born
The Strain - Episode 3.04 - Gone but Not Forgotten
The Strain - Episode 3.05 - Madness
The Strain - Episode 3.06 - The Battle of Central Park
The Strain - Episode 3.07 - Collaborators
The Strain - Episode 3.08 - White Light
The Strain - Episode 3.09 - Do or Die
The Strain - Episode 3.10 - The Fall (Finale)
Tyrant - Episode 3.05 - A Rock and a Hard Place
Tyrant - Episode 3.07 - Bedfellows
Tyrant - Episode 3.08 - Ask for the Earth
Tyrant - Episode 3.09 - How to Live
Tyrant - Episode 3.10 - Two Graves (Finale)
You're the Worst - Episode 3.01 - Try Real Hard
You're the Worst - Episode 3.02 - Fix Me, Dummy
You're the Worst - Episode 3.03 - Bad News: Dude's Dead
You're the Worst - Episode 3.04 - Men Get Strong
You're the Worst - Episode 3.05 - Twenty-Two
You're the Worst - Episode 3.06 - The Last Sunday Funday
You're the Worst - Episode 3.07 - The Only Thing That Helps
You're the Worst - Episode 3.08 - Genetically Inferior Beta Males
Wayward Pines - Episode 2.10 - Bedtime Story (Finale)

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