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Suits - Episode 6.02 - Accounts Payable - Promo, Interview, Promotional Photos & Synopsis


Post Mortem Interview

Why have Benjamin (David Reale) stick around?

The premiere was very much constructed like a play in that it all took place in a given location to some degree. Like it’s all that night in the firm. So you need things to advance your story, you can’t just have people sitting around and talking. You need something to happen, little incidents to shift things -- when the delivery food guy comes in for example. So I think it was just born out of that. We thought, “What if Benjamin didn’t leave?” Once we kind of came up with that we thought it was perfect because Benjamin is dedicated to the firm. He’s kind of a Louis-like guy. In my mind you could almost imagine Benjamin lives in that room and he never leaves it. We loved him as a character so we put him in there.

Does he continue to be a strong presence in the show?

We have not put him in again this season for no reason other than we’ve gotten so full. One of the challenges with Mike in prison is that many of his scenes have to be with people in prison. We can integrate him to some degree with our people, but he’s in there with other people. So it eats up screen time, which has its pros and cons. And one of the cons is that we haven’t gotten to see Benjamin again as of yet, but we may.

Do you have a new endgame in mind?

I do not. I don’t know how long the network will have us, but in my gut it’s always been at least seven. But I don’t know if they would have us for more than seven. And practically speaking with people’s contracts, we don’t know who’s leaving. But the real thing is I’m just trying to get through this season. I’m 98 percent sure we’re going to have a season seven. Once we get closer to it, hopefully I will know at the beginning of whatever our last season is that it’s our last season. That’s when I will try to construct how the show should end.

PSL faces a class action lawsuit from former clients; and Mike has problems with a fellow prisoner.

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