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Scene Of The Week - July 31, 2016 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

DARK MATTER, "We Voted Not to Space You", July 29, 2016, Actors: Marc Bendavid, Melissa O'Neil, The Scene: Two kills Jace
Aimee Hicks:
So many scenes from this episode were worthy of being recognized, especially everything Zoie Palmer did as the Android, but this scene needed to be recognized. The way Melissa O'Neil showed Two's feelings regarding Jace taking One from them was intense. I don't know that she passionately loved One, they didn't have much time together, but I think she was well on track to get to that point. To have that ripped away from her hurt. While losing any member of the crew would have hurt her, One’s loss was particularly painful. All of that came through when Two pulled that trigger. Marc Bendavid was a brilliant scene partner for her as he made it exceptionally easy for the audience to understand why Two kills him. Love and compassion doesn't equal weakness, and I think Two proved that by taking him out. Poignant scene that gave the crew and the audience much needed closure.

DEAD OF SUMMER, "How to Stay Alive in the Woods", July 26, 2016, Actor: Amber Coney
The Scene: Cricket dies
Eww, ouch, I didn't see this coming. Did she deserve to die too soon? Who will be next?

KILLJOYS, "Meet the Parents", July 29, 2016, Actors: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, The Scene: Dutch and Johnny talk at the end
Justyna K:
"You're my gravity, Johnny Jaqobis." Such a beautiful, yet considering the circumstances, also deeply sad statement. One of the things I loved most on the show, right from the beginning, was the friendship between Johnny and Dutch. A true bond, loyalty and always being there for each other. Now everything appears to be changing and Dutch is doing her best to keep going, very much relying on her best friend to stay strong. However, Johnny's now learning to make his own choices, fighting to care and love, but creating the distance between him and Dutch. I do hope that these two will survive whatever is coming and stay together, as friends and family, like they always have. Both actors did a wonderful work on the scene and kudos to the entire cast & crew for another brilliant episode!

MAJOR CRIMES, "Tourist Trap", July 25, 2016, Actors: Michael Paul Chan and more
The Scene: Tao arrives late at a crime scene
He climbs out of a starlet laden limo. Between his entrance and the other detectives reactions it was a really fun scene.

SUITS, "Back on the Map", July 27, 2016, Actors: Gabriel Macht, Neal McDonough, The Scene: Sean informs Harvey that Frank is a government informant
Laura Markus:
While there were a few twists in the episode, this was the one I enjoyed the most. It also had the best scene accompanied with it. I toyed with going with the ending scene, but I thought it was a weird place to end off and I need to know more about it before I start freaking out. But when Sean Cahill finally returns Harvey's calls, not with good news, but with devastating news, it was too good to pass up. Frank being an informant is terrifying; not only can he not be moved but there is still so much more to this conspiracy/murder story that we don't know about. Harvey's entire demeanour changes, and he storms off, ready to tell Mike everything. Oh but fear not, Donna is there to remind him about a dinner plan he has. But Harvey doesn't care about his dinner. He needs to inform Mike about this before anything else. In that moment, that was the most important thing to him, and I think that's beautiful. It ended up getting him into shit, but it doesn't matter. Helping and protecting Mike is his #1 priority. In a strange episode with not a lot of scenes to enjoy, this one took the cake.

THE MUSKETEERS, "The Prize", July 30, 2016, Actors: Hugo Speer, Howard Charles and more, The Scene: Treville's death
Justyna K:
Such a brilliant, emotional episode. We had to say goodbye to not one, but two main characters that were on the show right from the beginning - King Louis & Treville. Seems like one last preparation for the final hour of the series. Not that it's getting any easier to say goodbye. There were so many brilliant moments to highlight from the episode but I simply couldn't not choose Treville's ultimate sacrifice. Though his choices were not always the best, all he ever wanted was to follow his duty, to protect the King and his family, watch over the Musketeers, to fight with honor and leave things better than they were. And in the end, he did. He saved the life of the new King of France, brought much needed peace for the country and fought bravely till his last minute. As the Musketeer, soldier and friend, to the very end. The moment when he exchanges looks with Porthos and tells him to take the little King and go, knowing well what happens to him was beautifully done, even though completely heartbreaking. The music stopped there for a second when Captain Treville, the Minister, the Regent, goes to take his last stand. And once everyone arrives, his loyal Musketeers stay by his side as he dies peacefully after the won fight. And it's one of the saddest scene of the entire series, the hardest goodbye. Kudos to Hugo Speer, the entire cast & crew of the show for another wonderful hour and to Ryan Gage for his final great performance! I miss the show already. Can't believe we're almost at the end.

Justyna JJ Kubica
24. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies (especially Marvel Cinematic Universe), TV Shows (The 100, Agents Of SHIELD, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Supernatural (especially 1-5), The Musketeers, Agent Carter, The Flash, Doctor Who, Fringe, Psych and many more) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy & SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Writes reviews for Doctor Who, Sherlock & The Musketeers. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.
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