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Rizzoli and Isles - There be Ghosts - Review: Who you gonna call?

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Rizzoli and Isles 706

Written by Russel J. Grant
Directed by Kevin G . Cremin

This week Rizzoli and Isles is back on track with another spooky episode that this season has leaned towards. Throw in a mystery writers conference and what appears to be a ghostly murder and you have a very entertaining hour of television.
Who you gonna call?
Well, in this case, it isn’t Ghostbusters but a mystery writer played by Serena Scott Thomas former Bond girl and yes she was in fact bad watcher Gwendolyn Post in Buffy so she should know what’s she is doing.

We start off in what appears to be a rundown building and what looks like a patient? wandering the halls. There is a storm raging in Boston and as the lights flicker, we hear a scream.

Once again we are back in Jane’s new digs but they aren’t impressing Jane at the moment as her roof is leaking. Maura comes in with a dress for the following evening reminding her about the Mystery writers conference that she is going to with Maura. Yes, Jane has forgotten and does not seem thrilled by it but we know she will go for Maura. Soon they are called and end up at the crime scene.

The building is a hospital and we learn it is not abandoned but in fact, they are in the part that is being renovated. The victim was undergoing a new cancer treatment. As usual, it's left to Doctor Isles to determine if it was accidental or murder. As we all know she won’t give her answer until after the autopsy to decide if she became dizzy and fell or someone pushed her into the metal spike which killed her. (I do think if a hospital had such a dangerous area no one should be able to access it??)
What is strange is a rose in the victim’s hand... was she carrying it?

Back at BPD,Frankie is trying to avoid Kent because he thinks he is weird and has asked him to a concert. The weird part comes from Kent’s interest in Taxidermy (something that freaks me out so for once I’m with Frankie) Frankie thinks the concert will be weird as well.

Jane and Korsak get a lady come into the station who claims to know who the killer is. Enter Serena Scott Thomas as the quirky writer Samantha Caspary (why didn’t they just call her Casper!) I think the pun in her name may be intentional when she goes on to tell them of a ghost story connected to the Malan hospital. (Interesting name choice could it be in reference to the Malan triangle?)
The ghost story is about a patient Hannah Rose angered by her untimely death and allegedly came back and murdered several people, the doctor who treated the patients was impaled on an iron post. Korsak hasn’t heard of anything and seems it has been kept hush hush.
Inquisitive writer or something more?

Seems Samantha Caspary has caught Maura’s attention. Samantha has written, in Maura’s words, a captivating biography of Joseph Bell who is known for being Arthur Conan Doyle’s inspiration for Sherlock Holmes after he worked for him.
Jane thinks her theories are crazy but Maura assured her she isn’t. (it seems Rizzoli and Isles portray all its British characters as somewhat quirky...)
Back to the case and seems the victim’s cancer treatment was working, it wasn’t a fall as the rose was pressed into her hand after she was killed. Was it planted by the killer?

Maura runs into Samantha in the coffee shop and she asks her to meet for drinks later as she admires Maura's work.

Korsak and Jane are back at the hospital and they talk about Ghosts, remember Jane saw Barry all over town and Korsak says we have all felt that energy. Jane says it was because she misses him which Korsak agrees. Nice little mention to Barry Frost played by the late Lee Thompson Young.

They talk to the hospital Manger who was assuming it was an accident, the victim Jenny was responding well to the treatment.
Jane mentions the Hateful Hannah ghost story; the manager says she heard it from a senior board member but he is now dead. She is worried a story like that could ruin the hospital. While there they get a report of screams in the construction area and the hospital security won’t go near it. Korsak and Jane soon discover the body of a doctor with a white rose.

Dr. Morgan the second victim was Jenny’s doctor. Now they need to find out who wanted them dead.

Maura gives Jane the autopsy report, seems he was killed by an overdose of the drug he was treating his cancer patients with.
Jane warns Maura about going out for drinks with Samantha.

Maura is flattered as Samantha likes her writing. Can we see a career change in Maura’s future after all she said she wanted to become one?

Jane had Korsak check out a few leads; none bring in anything including Samantha who has an alibi for Jenny’s murder. Seems Maura had her suspicions as well and wanted Korsak to do a background check on the writer. Korsak even says Casper is legit meaning the writer. I do like the fact in his rain hat and coat Jane calls him Paddington.

Meanwhile, Nina and Frankie have discovered a lot of calls between the doctor and Jenny and a stay recently in the same hotel. Jenny was married could it be jealousy over an affair.
Both Frankie and Korsak lean on the husband but he knew about the hotel stay seems it was before the hospital did the treatment, the doctor was treating Jenny at a private clinic it all checks out and once again they are left with nothing.

Maura discovers the drugs that killed the doctor were in fact from Jenny’s IV bag so whoever killed Jenny has more of the drug. Jane thinks someone knew the details of the ghost story and is using it for the killings. Samantha had mentioned the hospital archives to them when they spoke to her. Maura agrees to take a team to see if they have been tampered with and asks to take Samantha as she has experience at researching archives.
Seems no one has tampered with them but Maura and Samantha go looking for evidence of the ghost story.

At the dirty robber mamma Rizzoli gives Frankie a lesson about being a friend to Kent. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to get to know people.

In the archives, Maura catches Samantha trying to deface the archives by taking pages out.

Talking to Jane she thinks Samantha used her seems she was trying to steal a list of patients from 1905. They have given the names for Nina to check if they are connected to Hateful Hannah. Maura did learn that Hannah Rose died of typhoid fever as well as several other patients around, this time , the doctor was trying a new drug that did not work and he killed himself. So probably where the ghost story came from.
What is strange is surely this sort of story would have been reported. With no mentions in any articles, someone had to know maybe they stole them Jane puts Nina on it.

Frankie keeps getting calls from debt collectors for his father, Korsak gives him advice saying he has become quite the man and time to stop being Frankie junior. ( Is this a hint to hearing more about his father in the future ?)

Frankie has Nina reference the names of people who checked out newspapers from the library in the last two months from the 1900’s one name comes up seems he was already dead .

Kent finally catches up with Frankie and after handing him the tickets, Frankie is very impressed and Kent has an extra ticket, Frankie tells him he knows who would love it .

Korsak finds out the dead guy had a caregiver who died of cancer and leaving behind a stepson. The stepson works at the Malan hospital seems his step mother’s application for the drug program was turned down .

At the hospital, Jane and Korsak learn she was turned down because it would not have helped her as she was too far gone.
The stepson it seems wants revenge and the hospital manager is the next target. Korsak and Jane race to find her and Jane takes down the killer when he tries to kill her. It seems he blamed the hospital for not helping her. Jenny wasn’t the target he just needed the drugs to kill the others.

At the Mystery writers conference, Samantha apologizes to Maura but says she meant what she said about her writing and wants to introduce her to a few people. One of whom is Tess Gerritsen as we all know created the characters of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles in her books thought her incarnations are different from what we see onscreen. I loved the little Cameo for Tess whom I have had the pleasure of meeting twice now.

It all ends at the robber after the concert, Kent Looks fabulous in his Kiss makeup and Angela went with Frankie and him.

This week it hit home how close we are to the end of the series as they are currently closing down sets and filming final scenes.

So what were your thoughts on this week’s episode?

Soon we have 100th episode which you won't want to miss .

About the Author - Zandarl
Zandarl a Writer and avid TV and film buff ,once described as a wilful hedonist, has travelled all over and lived in the states for a short time. Now based in the UK she attends cons when able and meets stars from her favourite shows .Her first start in fandom was Xena and since then has admired tv shows that portray strong women. Her current favorites being Rizzoli and Isles and Once Upon a Time as well as anything comic book related. A regular movie goer she watches most genres but never ask her to watch a horror movie.
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