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Rizzoli and Isles - "2M7258-100" - Advance Preview: 100th Episode

Rizzoli and Isles 100th Episode Preview

It is a feat for any show these days to reach 100 episodes where more show seems to get cancelled within the first few season.
Sadly, the 100th episode of Rizzoli and Isles is bittersweet with it being in the last season of the series. Despite strong ratings, continual trends on Twitter and a large Fanbase ,Rizzoli and Isles were told this season would be its last. In an ironic twist, the show that was once dubbed ‘The new Cagney and Lacey’ has Sharon Gless, guest starring . Directed by Angie Harmon, who gives not only a solid performance but brings the best out of her fellow actors making for some emotionally charged scenes.

In this episode we finally get to see Jane go undercover something we know she used to do often in her Drug Unit days (we all remember how she was dressed when she first met Maura!) Despite the worry of her friends and family, Jane heads into prison in an undercover operation and to befriend an inmate played by guest star Britt Morgan (Supergirl fans will recognize her as Livewire).

Angela seems to come to the end of her tether with Jane continually putting herself at risk which gives Jane plenty to think about while inside.

Frankie and Nina also hit a tough spot when work stirs up old fears for Nina.

Normally a 100th episode is all action but this one seemed to be heading us closer to the goodbye from the scene in the Kitchen with Maura at the beginning to Jane realizing a few things about her life towards the end. Both may be considering a different path?

I am not going to give too much away but will say it was a lovely episode but kind of felt like we are slowing packing up and saying goodbye.

Be sure to watch out for a special cameo

The episode airs next Monday on TNT

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