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Guilt - Blood Ties - Review: "You Americans are so dramatic"

Previously on Guilt:
There's a lot of evidence for the murderer pointing in the direction of Grace and Gwen is out for her blood because this is hitting "a little close to home". We find out DS Bruno is also keeping his fair share of secrets when Theo says the name "Donovan Trimley". Patrick is told to go back to Belfast or stay in London in a cell and Molly's stalker is revealed.

Running away from their problems.
Natalie and Grace are jogging by Tower bridge and at every turn, there’s a newspaper headline about The Royal wedding! They stop at Luc’s and Natalie reminds her to close the blinds when she gets in so what does Grace do? She doesn’t close the blinds. A guy in a black jacket and baseball cap starts taking pictures through the window. Natalie attacks him and kicks him in the balls and yells at Grace to call the police. "I'm the police", he announces as he pulls out a badge and arrests her ????? I sure missed this show during that one-week hiatus.

D.S. Bruno is inspecting Molly’s underwear stored in the evidence bags and then replaces it with an identical copy. Gwen catches him and asks him what he’s up to and he puts forth his theory about Molly having a Sugar Daddy. Solving the crimes, one thong at a time. Gwen pins him against the wall and then unbuttons her shirt.

It's kind of inappropriate to be doing that next to a dead girl’s pants but Freeform doesn’t care anymore. Natalie is absolutely livid that she was arrested but Gwen is loving it. Here's a fun game I came up today, drink every time someone says “I don’t know how you do things in your country but over HERE we do things DIFFERENTLY”.

Artist Luc is doing artist things as we hear the classic teen soap music playing. Does he have a job? Does he have any other character trait apart from artistic? Turns out he does but it’s a coke addiction. He screams in French and throws his painting on the floor because apparently he has an art gallery exhibition and is very stressed.

Grace tells him to calm down because “it’s about time something good happened”. Babe, you weren’t the one that was murdered, ok? You’ve been sitting in that expensive hotel suite for 3 episodes. She tells him his work is brilliant (questionable) but it’s time to stop doing coke. They share a psycho murder kiss, lovely!

A montage of DJ Roz at club Diablo is shown for the fourth time in a row this season. Patrick is in the crowd, looking like a vampire while Roz is looking amazing in her red crop top and lipstick. It’s a smart move from him to talk to Roz (because no one has suspected her yet including the police) but she literally couldn’t care less about Molly. She has no time for murders.

The queen is not impressed.
Paz spots Molly’s necklace on Kaley (as if Molly was the only person in the entire world with that necklace). They bond over Ireland and flirt as they shout Slainte as they drink a couple of shots. He asks her where she got the necklace from but Kaley leaves for the Courtenay.

Paz doesn't give up and meets her at a laundrette. He keeps creeping out every single person he meets. It’s episode 4, you are not getting any answers anytime soon. Haley tells him about the Courtenay and he is so offended by the thought of his sister working there that he pretty much calls Kaley a prostitute and leaves.

Prince Theo’s butler collects the panties (or PANTS as we call them in the UK) from Bruno. He congratulates him on passing the test then asks for a vial of Molly’s blood so that they can frame the murder on someone else. Bruno refuses to help Theo any further but he has become their puppet because they know about “Donovan Trimley”. Things get a lot more interesting thanks to Prince Fuckboy the third who is now going to be making sure no one will ever get to the truth about the murder.

Bruno chases down another lead with Pike and visits the flat where the picture of Molly’s bedroom was taken from. They meet the mother who lives there with her young son and she has a Cockney accent! Can the Americans understand this? Can’t believe we didn’t get subtitles! He goes to a pub with Pike and who should enter but... Natalie! London’s a big place for them to run into each other like this.

“You aight?” Bruno asks her and they gaze into each other's eyes like two heart eye emojis. They have a pint and he tells her about his father and shows her how to eat chips with Vinegar. As he goes on about his tragic childhood, Gwen walks into the pub and looks over at them. What did she say about never underestimating a jealous woman? I’m relieved to hear that Natalie had planned to run into him and flirt to get information out of him but they’ll be hooking up by the end of this episode.

Luc smiles as Grace takes a picture of him in front of his paintings. It’s the smile of a killer. He asks Grace to give back his Jacket about 100 times until Grace finds his emergency cocaine stash. Theo’s not happy when he hears that Bruno did not comply, despite the blackmailing. He’s scared he will ruin everything for him. The butler is not impressed with this spoiled rich kid’s attitude, please let him rise up against him.

Kisses -A?
Grace literally enters the hotel suite and collapses on the couch, as melodramatic as it gets. Luc calls to tell her how much he loves her and promises a surprise at the Gallery. I know what that surprise is, it’s murder. At the New Scotland Yard, the Internal Affairs guys to order a full review on the Trimley case by Bruno. He gets a THREATENING text from a mysterious anonymous sender.

Natalie finds Gwen and tells her she knows why she has a grudge against grace. Gwen thinks Grace is a spoiled rich girl (and she’s right) and wants her in for questioning. Nat admits Grace is sketchy and agrees to bring her in for one last time if she can take her home for good after that. What if Grace goes back to the US for the rest of the season and Roz becomes the protagonist! Yes, please!

Gwen asks her why Molly had her blood and skin under her nails and Molly says it’s because Molly pierced her bellybutton. That’s not really a “solid explanation” since she could have gotten that piercing any time before that night and is now using it purely as an alibi but they have to let her go nonetheless. Gwen is furious about this and fires Bruno so that she can take over the case. His beautiful green eyes grow twice their size as he tries to burn through her skull with his gaze.

At the art Gallery, the press is all over Grace who arrives looking like a hot super spy in that silver dress and ponytail. She walks with Luc amongst the art in a scene that’s straight out of a heist movie. This might be the best episode yet. He shows her the portrait he drew but I wouldn’t fall for it. It’s probably made out of Molly’s blood. Grace, of course, loves it and when he asks if she got the bellybutton piercing the same night Molly was killed she's like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Bruno is at the bar making a move on Natalie since he no longer works on her sister's case. Roz is there as well and her outfits are KILLING me this episode. Luc goes outside and someone asks him for some coke. He gives it to him and reluctantly takes his money and of course, this was a set up orchestrated by Gwen to arrest him. Paz is drinking his pain away while Gwen steps up as a solid player in the great game. She can now use Luc to get Grace arrested well but it doesn't seem like Grace is going down without a fight.

I chose violence.

In his speech, Theo mentions the Queen and since it is basically now confirmed that Queen Elizabeth exists in the Guilt universe I'm going to go ahead and say she killed Molly. Bear with me.
I have to give credit to Guilt’s fake phone software team, it’s the most realistic one I’ve seen.
Kinda weird that Patrick wears Molly’s pendant on his sleeve

Favourite shot:
Gwen is walking to her office and the camera follows Natalie who gets up and chases after her, in one long continuous shot. Really cool.

Favourite scene:
Grace gives Roz the side eye when she approaches Luc and Roz just waves her hand to dismiss her. "I've known Luc way before you came to town". I could easily watch 40 minutes of Roz roasting Grace.

Favourite quote:
- Seriously?That's what you're going with?
- You're hungry. Let's get you something to eat.
What better way to diffuse the tension after your GF just found a bag of coke in your jacket than to take her out for dinner. Always works with me!

Answers to the mystery:
Gwen’s past: When she was a scholarship student at Washington prep she didn’t stop the rich girls from dragging a girl named Jenna and beating her to death. IT’S THE JENNA THING!
Bruno’s past: Donovan Trimley was someone Bruno had to frame from stopping him from abducting another kid and torturing them.

Questions remaining:
Will Grace ever, even for one second, stop making everything about her?
Why is she so surprised that she has to talk to the police? She is in a murder investigation. Her #Guilt meter is red hot but it’s too early to tell who did it.
Am I the only one who wanted Gwen and Natalie to angrily make out in her office? Yeah? Cool

Episode Rating: 4/5
Guilt played its cards very right this episode: more Theo, more absurdity and a lot of sexual tension.

Next on Guilt:
“Irresistible criminals, crooked cops, who’s left to trust?” No one!!!! London is not safe anymore. Make sure to tune in next week and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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