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DC TV Shows + The CW - Various Rumors

Here is a summary of various rumours that were posted by bleedingcool


FOX has been approached to allow the use of Batman (covered by the Gotham licence) in other shows.
John Wesley Shipp is in talks to be a regular across all DC TV Shows
Matt Ryan is also a possibility


Kate Kane/Batwoman is coming to Supergirl in a recurring role.
Barbara Gordon/Oracle is coming to Supergirl
The friendship between the 3 is being based on the original Birds Of Prey with Batwoman taking Black Canary's spot.

The CW:

TVD is ending after this season.
The network wants Friday to be a 'Horror Night'
The network is looking to pair Supernatural with either a Constantine-led series or iZombie on Fridays
By Fall 2017, the network wants a DC TV show in the 8pm slot every weekday