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Dark Matter - We Voted Not To Space You - Advance Preview: "Masterpiece"

This has become one of the most anticipated episodes of the season, and without a single shred of doubt, I can say that it most certainly lives up to all the hype. Zoie Palmer turns in a performance that will leave fans giddy with excitement. Palmer’s performance is magical and she brings vivid life to a beautifully crafted story arc for the Android. But it’s not just the Android who gets to shine in this episode. I predict there will be some extraordinary episodes later in the season, but this one sets the bar so high it is going to be extremely hard to beat. Every single member of the cast turns in powerful performances that make this episode a true gem.

Throughout the episode there are a lot of big sequences that expertly build on the season long story arc set up in the premiere. This episode is very much about the Android, but every character has big defining moments. During an intense mission, Two will find herself in a rock meets hard place type of situation where she has to make a split-second decision that will have ramifications no matter the choice she makes. Two isn’t the only one dealing with tough situations as Six has to face the fallout from his betrayal. Can the crew learn to trust him again? Does he still have a place on the ship? These are all the questions he and the crew have to grapple with. Some will be more open to him being back than others and he has a lot of work ahead of him to mend those burned bridges if they do let him stay.

Nyx has some curious interactions with various members of the crew that will leave everyone curious to learn more. We’ve known she was special from the very beginning, but this episode makes it abundantly clear that there is something very unique about her. Melanie Liburd has been teasing that the sixth episode of the season is a big one for Nyx and this episode definitely served to set up the next step in her story. I predict there is something very big hiding in Nyx’s past and when it is revealed I think we’re all going to be stunned.

Someone from the past makes a surprise return and sets the crew down an interesting path. This episode adds new elements to existing storylines and creates new launching points for upcoming arcs. Of all the episodes to air this season this episode isn’t just the most gratifying one but very possibly the most important one. The opening sequence sets the tone for the episode and the pace and excitement never let up for the entire duration of the episode.

Mark my words, this episode will go down as a fan favorite. This powerhouse of an episode was written by Co-Creator/Executive Producer Paul Mullie and directed by Ron Murphy. Don’t miss a second of this episode when it airs this Friday, July 29th at 10/9C on Syfy in the US and Space in Canada.

Here are some quotes to tide you over until Friday:

“That’s very sweet of you.”
“What exactly is us, anyway? Cause lately I’m kinda wondering.”
“If we don’t fight for each other then who the hell will?”
“Your fight, my fight. We ride together, that’s the way it should be.”
“Well, I do know the exact probability of success. Trust me, hopefully, sounds better.”

Which character did Joseph Mallozzi describe as a Dog specifically a Mutt? The people who guess right get bragging rights. I'll reveal the answer in the review for this episode.

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