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Bones - Season 11 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

Thanks to Sarah and Ivan for the heads up.
Apologies in the delay for posting these, SDCC had me very busy.

At what point did the discussion start to have Zack return to the show tied to this new serial killer?

Michael Peterson: Probably about mid-year, as we started to look at the arc for this killer. There was a phone call made to [creator] Hart [Hanson]. Not to give too much away, but I think the key was not so much of making Zack the killer, as bringing Zack back. The story for this killer and for Zack is not done yet. Again, the killer is manipulative. He wants you to think one thing, be careful of assumptions.

Just to clarify, can you confirm whether Zack is the killer or this is another manipulation?
Peterson: Before [fans get upset], "You brought him back in this manner?!" I would say, certainly at the end, that's all appearances [indicate he's gone dark], and that's what it should appear to be [in this episode]. But the story is not fully told yet.

I think that should be the question. Is he really? We're going to have to wait for [Season 12]. There are hints; the astute viewer will pick up clues in both directions, if he did or he didn't.

Brennan in particular loves Zack so much. I can’t imagine that this is going to be easy for her.

Yeah, but don’t forget that Brennan is a scientist. She has to look at the evidence that she examined first. If she has any different approach to it, she has to ask big questions. She’s not one to change her mind very easily. We’re really going to get into the difference between Brennan and Booth here, and their approaches to evidence, and their approaches to having faith in people.

Was there any concern in the writers’ room about bringing Zack back like this?

No, people were on board. People wanted to see how we were going to service this storyline throughout the year, but that’s the fun of the writers’ room… Nothing’s easy, so you can’t say it writes itself by any means, but it gives us a lot of story, which is great, with a great character who deserves once again to be put through the wringer and to put everyone else through the wringer, too.

David Boreanaz directed this finale. How is it working with him as a director?

He’s a fantastic director. It’s unfair. [Laughs] You’re not allowed to be both a TV star and a terrific director, but he is. He pulled out all the stops. He has a creative vision, he’s got an amazing visual sense, he’s got an amazing sense of character. It moves beautifully, I think. It’s got such pace to it. He just did a fantastic job. He could have a long, great career as a director if he ever wanted to.

TVLINE | What was it like being back with the old gang?

Oh, it’s great! The only other actor I worked with in that scene was Emily, but David [Boreanaz] directed. David’s a great director. The last episode I did was the 100th episode, and he directed that. He’s so much fun, he’s very smart, and he makes good directorial choices. It’s funny, Emily and I kind of worked together. When they did Emily’s close-up and when they did my close-up, we actually had to look at a piece of tape. So I never actually acted with her. We were like, “I look forward to the next episode when we look at each other.”

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