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2016 Character Cup - Round 4

Wow! Those were some close races. Sharon Raydor defeated Laurel Lance by 1 vote and Jon Snow overtook Alec Lightwood by 5 votes. Things are heating up in the 2016 Character Cup now. Because things were so close, the debut of the Favorite Villain mini-contest will start about 30 minutes later to allow me to adjust for the shows that are still being represented in the main contest. Polls for it will show up directly below these polls once I get it posted. The mini-contest will follow the same rules and procedures as the regular Character Cup. If you have any questions about that, let me know in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who is following the rules and only voting once per poll. Until tomorrow, don't forget to comment on the TV Talk Topic and happy voting!

NOTE - Favorite Villain Contest now added!

Prediction Contest - Kirov continues to lead with 66 points. Awesome! Suzana and Paola are tied for second with 63 points, and Emma comes in at 62 points. Nicely done, guys!

Wish List Contest - Silver and RN continue to top the wish list contest with 52 and 48 points respectively. Irem joins the top with 39 points. Congrats to you all!

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Today's TV Talk Topic: Female Roles

For the last few years, the 2016 Character Cup has been represented by more and more females. This time, we started with 33 female characters to 29 male characters. This is also the first time that we've ever only had 1 male character make it to the Elite 8 and he has only faced male characters so far. 

 How do you feel TV is doing at portraying females these days? Which characters best show growth in these portrayals? Are there any areas in which Hollywood could improve (Ex. sister relationships, stay at home moms, etc.)? Are there any stereotypes about women that still need to be broken? How has the increase in a more female focus changed or not changed how men are portrayed?

Favorite Villain Mini-Contest

Last year so many people had all their favorite characters out of the polls by this time that we added a special mini-contest on TV Vehicles just to make it more fun. It was a hit so we're continuing the tradition and it starts today. Over 150 nominations were whittled down to just 8. Rules work the same as the Character Cup contest with the winner moving to the next round. Enjoy and happy voting!

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