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2016 Character Cup - Round 3

Welcome back to round 3 of the 2016 Character Cup. We've made it to the Sweet 16. Woo hoo! Hopefully you still have characters to vote for. If not, don't worry because the mini-contest on Favorite Villain starts tomorrow. Please have your nominations in by 9 am CST if you would like them to be included in the tally. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Until tomorrow, play nice and happy voting!

Prediction Contest - Taking the lead this time is Kirov with a score of 51. Fantastic! In second is SpoilerTV's own Bradley Adams with 49 points, while Maria Sol has 48. You guys are doing great!

Wish List Contest - Over in the wish list contest, the standings are still the same with Silver in first with 46, RN in second with 39, and Maria Sol in third with 32. I'm jealous.

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Today's TV Talk Topic: International TV

Along with the rise of cable TV, there has been a rise in international (read non-American) TV. What are your favorite international shows? How do watch shows from other countries (no links that break copyright please)? How do international and American shows differ? How are they the same? Are there any countries whose TV you particularly like?

Nominations - Favorite Villains

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