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2016 Character Cup - Final Four

Note 3 - We're still waiting on the polling software to look over the votes. Voting will resume once it has. Thanks for your patience.

Note 2 - We will be taking a short break once these polls close. Voting will resume on Sunday or Monday. Thanks for your patience.

Note 1 - Once the poll software took out multiple votes from round 3, yet another poll has to be re-done. This time it will be Laurel Lance vs. Buffy Summers. I apologize to everyone who is following the rules, AGAIN. It would be fan-freaking-tastic if people would only vote once per poll. I really don't want to still be voting on this contest in August.  I appreciate your help in this.

It's Final Four time for the 2016 Character Cup and for the first time ever, all the characters still standing are female, guaranteeing a second female champion. Congratulations to all Shaw, Kara, Lexa, and Buffy fans. It should be a great race to the finish. Please remember to encourage your fandoms to play honestly and to get the word out. Over in our Favorite Villains side, the final 4 contestants are all male, balancing things out a bit. Don't forget to vote for your favorites there too. A huge thanks to Rendy for creating the following image for our contest. Awesome, isn't it? Sorry I couldn't get it posted before when all these characters were still in it. Tech glitches, urgh. I hope you guys urge Rendy to enter the banner contest, which is open until August 1 for anyone interested, and don't forget to check out his blog. Until tomorrow, hit the comments section to talk about your TV pet peeves and happy voting!

Prediction Contest - Today we add a new person in contention for the prediction contest. Kirov continues to lead with 78 points but Good Samaritan moves to second with 72 points. Suzana and Paola continue to be tied for 3rd with 71 points. Nice job predicting!

Wish List Contest - Our wish list contest remains mostly unchanged with Silver and RN tied at 56 points, while Irem has 43 and Emma has 37. Congrats!

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Today's TV Talk Topic: TV Pet Peeves

Today it's all about TV pet peeves. What irks you about TV these days? Is there a TV trope you hate? Are there things certain genres do that drive you up a wall? Is there anything that has become so clich├ęd that you groan even thinking about it? Is there a character type that just drives you batty? Feel free to vent away. Hopefully we'll all feel better afterwards.

Favorite Villain Mini-Contest

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