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12 Monkeys - Memory of Tomorrow - Advance Preview

12 Monkeys finishes out its second season on a high note with “Memory of Tomorrow” written by Terry Matalas and written by David Grossman. If you didn’t think they could top last season’s cliffhanger, you’d be wrong! So much happens in the second half of this episode… and I can’t tell you any of it!!! But what I will tell you is that it sets up amazing possibilities for season three.

This episode begins with a very different sort of previously on. If you thought we’d be spending some quality time with Cassie (Amanda Schull) and Cole (Aaron Stanford) in 1959, you’d be right. Once again, the episode weaves in different themes that we’ve seen throughout this season placing the thread of this episode in the tapestry of the season.

It’s Christmas time in 1959, but something happens that makes Cole realize that all is not as it should be. He ends up at another asylum for the insane and meets the mysterious Lillian who’s been there a very long time. She sends him to the Pine Barrens where he makes a discovery. Lillian is played by Madeleine Stowe who played Railly (Kathryn) in the movie! I love how her appearance just adds another layer to the time-play.

Cassie gets the wrong idea about something. Cole ends up in the wrong time, several times. We learn what Titan really is. And more than that, I’m not telling! This episode is just too good to spoil the many surprises – I won’t even tell you my favorite scene or who it happens to – or my least favorite. You’ll have to come back for my review of this stunning conclusion to the second season of 12 Monkeys.

I will leave you with the following dialogue teases – some of which you’ve heard before this season…

The why is not something we should stick around to find out.
I’ve never done this before.
The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.
Green to read to dead.
I just want you to feel how I do.
You need to back it up and swing again.
I’m insane, and you’re my insanity.
Some happiness is better than a lifetime of anything else.
Not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
Nothing good makes that sound.
Go down the rabbit hole – drink me.
There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more than this.
Time’s on our side.
You’re not connected to time. You’re just insane.

        Don’t miss the stunning season finale of 12 Monkeys on Monday – July 18 – on Syfy at 9/8c. And, oh yeah, we do find out who the Witness is….

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