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Wynonna Earp - Landslide - Review + POLL

'Landslide' was truly an avalanche of plot developments. From confronting nymph like revenants to protecting their homestead from mercenaries targeting Dolls, all while exploring the repercussions of discovering that Willa is alive, as well as Doc's story, this episode felt very crammed. That's not to take away from how exciting 'Landslide' was.

Last week's jaw-dropping cliffhanger meant big things for this week and the episode jumped right into it. Not only did Willa quickly gain her memories back, but we saw her go through the confusion and anger in processing it all. There was something, however, missing from her development, I just wasn't feeling it - part of the reason could be because it wasn't given enough time to marinate. She went from someone without any memories at all from her past to basically part of the team in less than 45 minutes, an arc that could have been developed more effectively over a couple of episodes.

Despite this sudden and rushed development, having Willa around led the way for some kick ass moments. In particular, the battle outside the Earp estate was a great scene. Willa and Wynonna barging out of the barn guns blazing was a truly memorable sequence. The episode also raised some interesting curiosities surrounding the oldest sister's emergence. How can two heirs to the Earp curse exist? What does this mean for Waverly and her relationship with Wynonna? It's clear Waverly is a little bit jealous following that revealing scene when she is spying on her sisters having a heart to heart.

The antagonists of the week weren't too much to handle for Wynonna. With this "poker spectacular" coming into town, Bobo unleashed these carniverous nymph like revenants to help him steal some money so that he can enter the tournament. The poor victim targeted got his private parts chomped off and then some in a very gruesome scene.

These nymphs were really scary, but they were dispatched way too easily and early. It would have been so much more effective to have some kind of evil that reflected what Willa was going through, a central theme, and then have her helping Wynonna dispatch of that evil, as a way of interweaving her into the story of the episode, while building her up as one of the Earps. Instead we got stuff happening here, stuff happening there, and stuff happening elsewhere - a hodgepodge of different plots developments.

Outside of the Willa storyline, Doc continued his journey running away from Purgatory. The old man he encounters is peculiar. Who is this group of "concerned individuals" that he is part of. It was a very random way of making Doc realize he is needed in the battle to come, but the questions this encounter raises are very intriguing. Could this be a plot for next season?

Another mystery left unanswered regards who Dolls is. Those mercenaries raising all out war on the estate just to get at Dolls raises questions on top of questions. On a side note, Wynonna calling him Hugh Hefner after he fell under the seductive trance of the nymphs was a highlight humour moment of the episode. Scrofano's timing with her quips has been consistently spot on through this series.

Overall, though the episode felt a bit rushed and crammed, it still offered some very exciting and sometimes gruesome moments. Willa's introduction feels like it will be more of a short term plot than long-term, so there is this lingering question of who she really is and what her future holds. With only two episodes left, 'Landslide' certainly set things up for an explosive final stretch.


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