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Stitchers - All In - Season 2 Finale Review: “Stronger Together”

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Stitchers is an unpredictable show! Just when you think they are going to zig they zag and leave the audience with jaws agape in shock. That’s exactly what they did in this season finale and with that shocking cliffhanger they left the audience desperate for more. We need answers for everything from Kirsten’s ultimate fate, Kirsten’s mom, Stinger, Linus’ father, and Maggie’s son to name a few.

After a season long journey to find Stinger we now know he’s been with Kirsten all season as young Cameron. He’s been guiding her, but guiding her to where exactly? That is still the big mystery, because while Kirsten now knows the truth about her mom, thanks to Ivy, all Stinger did was take her to a memory that ensnared her in her own past. Not exactly father of the year material there. What is Stinger’s endgame? What is he working towards? It was revealed that he has been trying to rebuild the stitchers program with Ivy as his human guinea pig. Even knowing what he was trying to do it still doesn’t answer why or what he will do with it if he does get it up and running. One thing is fairly certain; Ivy isn’t Kirsten so the odds are she wouldn’t have been able to handle the strain of stitching like Kirsten has.

Now that we know Kirsten’s mom may be alive that opens up a whole other level of mystery and intrigue. How has Stinger kept this secret for so long? Where is he keeping her now that Kirsten found the stasis unit she was presumably being held in? Could she be the reason behind all of Stinger’s actions? We have seen how much he seemingly loved her but something tells me that if he does figure out how to save her and she finds out what all he has done she won’t be pleased. He walked away from their daughter and went on a crazy murderous mad scientist mission. The only good to come from his recent string of insanity is that it forced Kirsten to go in search of her mom which led to Camille joining forces with Kirsten. Camille knew that Kirsten was at her wits end and wasn't going to let her friend go into the unknown alone. Their team up was high on my list of favorite moments from the episode including a tipsy Camille realizing she is not nearly intoxicated enough to handle what they were dealing with. Slightly tipsy Camille on a spy mission was funny to watch but even given the lighter tone of their adventure the show still built up plenty of suspense to make the whole storyline all that more intense. I hope we get more of Camille and Kirsten adventures next season. They didn’t get nearly enough time together doing their own thing like in Season 1. That’s my one big wish for Season 3 is that these two work together more. Though, I think Kirsten will have to spend a fair amount of time with her misguided big sister.

I find it interesting that Ivy is the older sister yet she comes off seeming younger than Kirsten. Her maturity level and ability to accept reality is years behind her little sister. I think these sisters have the potential to be a fierce duo if Kirsten can get her sister working for the right side. Right now Stinger has Ivy so blinded to the truth that Kirsten has a lot of work to put in to break through all the issues Stinger has caused Ivy. The nice thing about Ivy now being in Maggie’s custody and closer to learning the truth means that, should the show be renewed, Ivy is likely to end up a regular character or a serious recurring character at the very least. I want to see Kirsten and Ivy try and forge a sisterly bond but no matter what Kirsten always has Camille who is a better sister than Ivy is currently capable of being. I feel like Kirsten is starting to understand the rolls her friends fit into her life on an emotional level and Camille definitely fills a sisterly roll in Kirsten’s life. Her fear for Kirsten was real when the stitch at the end went bad. Unlike Ivy, who prefers to just screw with her sister without much care, Camille actually cares about Kirsten’s well being and safety. Ivy definitely seems like Stinger’s daughter but I don’t think she’s beyond fixing.

Camille isn’t Kirsten’s only extended makeshift family member. When Kirsten was in danger the entire team rallied to try and bring her home. To each of them Kirsten is a part of their family and without her they would all be lost as they would be if any member of the team was snatched away from them. The team is more than just co-workers, they are friends, family, and in some cases they are more. These people love one another and will go to great lengths to protect each other. So seeing Kirsten being target and ripped away from them was terrifying for each of them. Still, they understood the gravity of the situation and all kept level heads and worked as a unified unit to try and reach her. It was intense, emotional, action packed, and surprising.

It was made all the more intense by the interactions Kirsten had earlier in the episode particularly with Cameron. After a season of watching Cameron and Kirsten try and live their personal lives separate from each other it became abundantly clear that these two still share very strong feelings. To my surprise Cameron fought for his relationship with Nina and managed to salvage it by revealing some of the truth to her. That didn’t stop him from supporting Kirsten when she came running to him in distress. Even when she kissed him he didn’t try to stop her. In fact he got into that kiss very quickly and if she hadn’t broken it off I think he would have been content to keep going. Nina still exists in his life and I do believe he cares for her, but at the end of the day a large portion of his heart belongs to Kirsten. Even he basically admitted to that when he was trying to talk Kirsten out of the stitch. In time he’ll have to stop trying to suppress his feelings and let Nina go so he can give all of his heart to the woman he truly loves. Until then Nina remains a fun character and is incredibly supportive of Cameron so because she makes him happy she’ll do until Cameron and Kirsten can be together. This, after his emotional plea to Kirsten in the final moments of the episode, seems like it could start to happen early on in the next season. I’ve said many times that I like Nina but I’m ready to see what a Cameron and Kirsten relationship will look like especially given their working situation. They have such a strong emotional bond that a relationship between them would be a great thing to watch grow and evolve. Hopefully, fingers crossed, Freeform will give us the chance to see this happen on our screens.

Obviously the big cliffhanger surrounded Kirsten but she wasn’t the only character left in limbo at the end of this emotionally charged season finale. While we didn’t get any specific details it was strongly implied that Maggie’s son may have been gravely injured in battle or even killed. It was strange to see the normally strong and composed Maggie struggle with overwhelming emotional pain. She was doing her best to hide what was going on but it was clearly obvious how much she was suffering. Especially when Kirsten barged into her office she was trying so hard to hold it together despite what was going on in her personal life. What will come of that story? Could her son perhaps be alive but be severely injured? If he survives his trauma will we get to meet him next season? That would definitely be intriguing to see Maggie try and patch things up with her son and tend to him. If he lives, or doesn’t, could we see her take a brief leave of absence? Who would run the program then?

It certainly won’t be Blair after the epic coup orchestrated by Maggie and her team when Blair tried to take over the facility with his security brutes. The team worked in perfect united harmony to take down the guards and regain control of their program. Major respect to Tim who may be the quiet one but he packs a mean right hook that saved the day. Camille definitely showed off what she’s learned this season and made Fisher a very proud trainer. If Maggie doesn’t end up taking time to be with her son I suspect she’ll spend some time away trying to justify the actions of her team. Either way, I think we’ll see Maggie out of the facility a bit more next season. This entire episode gave Salli Richardson-Whitfield some great emotional and tense stuff to play and she was incredible. She made sure the audience knew what Maggie was going through even if we didn’t know all the specifics we understood the pain Maggie was suffering through in silence. She gave a spot on portrayal of an all too real situation that far too many parents of our brave soldiers find themselves in.

Maggie wasn’t the only one to face a potential devastating loss in her personal life. As the episode was drawing to an end we learned that Samir, Linus’ dad, was fighting for his life as he coded in the hospital. He was left in limbo with doctors desperately trying to save his life. With Linus and Camille busy trying to save Kirsten neither was able to be with Linus’ parents so in a devastating turn of events, even though they essentially gained a daughter, his mom was still all alone during this terrifying situation. If he doesn’t survive, and even if he does, not being there is going to have a big impact on Linus and even Camille. Because Samir became like a dad to her and she became like a daughter to him. While Camille may not share blood with them it will hit her hard if he doesn’t survive. Still, Camille will have to be the strong one and stand as a rock for Linus and his mom in an incredibly painful time.

This tragic turn of events came after the big reveal that Linus was actually recruited to the stitchers program when he was in high school and his parents knew everything. I truly did not see that twist coming but it made so much sense why they always seemed to be okay with the secrets he was keeping. They had set their son down this path and couldn’t be more proud of him. If Samir doesn’t survive at least he was able to tell his son how truly proud he was of him. It was great acting and I hope Samir survives so he and Getti can come back next season. They are great recurring characters and now that we know that they know everything I’m sure at some point their software experience could come in handy.

While Linus was finding out all these things about his parents Camille was left with the realization that she played a small part in Liam’s untimely demise. Yes, he wasn’t a good guy, but I do believe that at the end he was prepared to try and help the right side. Some small part of him did care about Kirsten and while he went about everything wrong he seemed ready to finally try to redeem himself. We found out a lot about him during Kirsten’s stitch into him and we know he wasn’t what he claimed to be. Though, let’s be honest, we already knew that. He wasn’t even actually British but at the end of everything he was just another pawn in Stingers ultimate plan. Even knowing how deceptive Liam was didn’t do anything to calm Camille’s emotions regarding Liam’s death. He was her first undercover target and his loss has a big impact on her. I like that Fisher came to her aid and tried to reassure her that what happened had nothing to do with her. Their interaction did lead me to some concerns for Camille and Linus.

In a prior review I had mentioned that I didn’t think the show was setting up a triangle involving Camille, Linus, and Fisher but this episode made me question that. Camille has undeniable chemistry with Fisher and that could eventually cause troubles between her and Linus. On her drunken call to Fisher she was definitely fishing (please excuse the pun) to see if there was something there between them. I’m firmly in the camp of fans that believe Camille and Linus belong together, but I can see the show testing the waters for a Camille and Fisher pairing. Anyone can see that Allison Scagliotti and Damon Dayoub have chemistry so based on actor chemistry the show could try and further push these two together. The problem with this scenario is that Scagliotti also has incredible chemistry with Ritesh Rajan. The writers of this show have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the talent and chemistry of this cast so whatever route they take they are almost guaranteed to find a pairing that could work. This makes things stressful for fans as our favorite pairings remain in limbo even when we can all see the shared love in the current pairings. Happy in love characters don’t make for great drama so for storytelling purposes no character will ever get happily ever after until the show nears its end. They may get to be happy for a bit before the show has to rip them apart again. We did get some moments of happiness with Camille and Linus a bit this season so hopefully we’ll get more next season. But I caution fans to look out for Fisher because I am recanting what I had said earlier about not thinking he could be another Camille love interest. It is very possible and the chemistry exists for the show to go that route.

At least, for now, Fisher seems to be interested in getting back with his wife. While this show has taught me to never trust a new character I’m not going to discourage Fisher’s wife from coming back into his life. At least as long as she is around Camille and Linus are safe but I’m not so sure she’ll stick around long. Fisher was ready to move on before she popped back into his life suddenly ready to reconcile. He’s willing to talk and possibly give things another shot but I just don’t see it lasting. He has changed a lot over the run of the series but he is still committed to his work first and foremost. I’m curious to see what happens with that and who Fisher ends up with. I wouldn’t be opposed to a Camille and Fisher pairing as long as the endgame ends up being Camille and Linus. I think some drama is good for a TV couple as long as they find their way back together in the end.

Obviously, if the show is renewed, Kirsten won’t stay in the stitch and Cameron will talk her into bouncing back to them. Theoretically the show could go on without her, especially with Ivy in the mix now, but that would be a horrible scenario especially given how incredible Emma Istha is as Kirsten. The bigger cliffhanger with Kirsten is how will she be after she comes out of the stitch? Will she lose her emotions again? Will she have a different opinion of her father and contemplate joining Team Stinger? Or, will the show actually allow her some happiness and allow her to come out of the stitch content with memories of her mom unlocked and knowledge of how Cameron feels for her? My guess is the end result could end up being some weird combo of all the things I theorized above. However, this show has proven over and over again to be so unpredictable that rarely are my guesses right. One thing is fact; we need another season in order to get some resolution to all the emotional cliffhangers this season left us hanging with.

The acting in this episode was top notch and every cast member held their own and delivered emotional and powerful performances. This cast has extraordinary chemistry and it is far too soon to lose this group of talented performers from our screens. The story this show is telling is far from over and to lose it now would be a painful loss for fans. Play your part, spread the word about this show through social media and let Freeform know how passionate the fans of this show are and how badly we want a Season 3 of this inventive and masterfully crafted show.

Should the show be renewed for Season 3 I will be rejoining you here again next season for another round of reviews, speculation, and analysis. Let’s hope we all get the chance to chat about this show again next season. For now hit the comments with your thoughts about the season finale and what your dream Season 3 will consist of.

EDIT: Forgot to add the link to the petition that fans are signing to try and help Freeform see how beloved this show is. Click here and do your part to help get this show renewed!

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