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SpoilerTV 2016/17 Pilot Shows - Reviews and Ratings *Updated 19th September 2016*

Hey All,

Like last year, the Networks have started sending us screeners for their new Fall shows, and our team is currently busy going through them all. (We hope to get other screeners for the late fall and Mid-Season shows later).

Unlike other sites, where you just get to read the opinions of 1 writer per show, we like to let our entire team provide you with a rating and one line review of as manay of the new shows as possible in order to try and give a much more rounded and unbiased look at the new shows for next year.

Each show will get a full preview by our nominated writer (these will be posted later in the year once the networks give us permission to release the full reviews), however other members of the team have been watching the screeners as they come in and we've been collating their quick snap judgements along with a rating out of 10.

The tables will be updated live as new ratings and reviews come in over the next few hrs, days and weeks, which as a result will become more "accurate" as more of the team leave their ratings. So bookmark this page!

Update Summary
- 19th September 2016 - More Ratings/Reviews added by various reviewers
- 15th September 2016 - MacGyver added plus other reviews
- 12th September 2016 - More Ratings/Reviews added
- 8th September 2016 - More ratings and quick reviews being added for Marlon, Son of Zorn and Taken
- 6th September 2016 - We've received screeners for Trial and Error, Midnight Texas, Emerald City, Powerless, and Good News. Reviews/ratings for these will be coming over the next few days.
- 24th August 2016 - New Reviews + The Good Place added
- 29th July 2016 - 20+ New Reviews/Ratings added
- 22nd June 2016 - Lots of reviews added including the first of the CW ones
- 9th June 2016 - Several new ratings added
- 7th June 2016 - Lots of new ratings/reviews added as well as some new shows
- 5th June 2016 - Initial Post created and some initial reviews added

Pilot Shows Summary

Each of our writers was asked to submit a rating of each pilot they watched out of 10. The table below shows the average of all these ratings. Shows with a rating greater than 7.1 is deemed a hit, between 5.5-7.1 we mark it as "Unsure" and less than an average rating of 5.5 we deem the show to be a miss.

Reviewer Quick Thoughts

As mentioned we'll be doing a more in-depth preview of each pilot show, however we wanted to give you some quick snap-judgements on each show. Again this table will be updated as and when the screeners arrive and our writers have had the time to watch and rate them.

We hope you enjoy this feature and find it useful in deciding which shows you may enjoy next season.