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Son of Zorn - Olivia Wilde to Guest

In the new fall Fox comedy Son of Zorn, Jason Sudeikis voices a cartoon warrior who moves back to live-action Orange County, where he attempts to reconnect with his son and ex-wife. As you can imagine, things get a little weird.

And now it turns out, they also will get a little Wilde.

Olivia Wilde will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the live-action/animated comedy, EW has learned. The House alum — who also just happens to be Sudeikis’ fiancĂ©e — plays the animated character Radiana, an ex-girlfriend of Zorn (Sudeikis) from their homeland of Zephryia. When Zorn starts to feel insecure when he doesn’t have a date to bring to the engagement party for his ex-wife Edie (Cheryl Hines) and Craig (Tim Meadows), he contacts his old flame. A romance restarts between the two, but this relationship may turn out to be too toxic, in a literal sense.

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