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Scene Of The Week - June 12, 2016 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "Lullaby", June 6, 2016, Actors: Barbara Sukowa and more, The Scene: The truth about Hannah is revealed
Justyna K:
Such an emotional and beautifully acted scene. Bringing back someone's hope is an incredibly difficult task, but definitely one of the most rewarding and powerful acts if successful. I very much enjoyed this week's hour and Cole and Cassie's struggle to find a way out of the time loop they were trapped in. And the fact that the time doesn't seem to want to change Jones' past but still allows the duo to save Hannah, was really well executed, making this episode a very memorable one for sure. But the most powerful scene of it has to be the reveal at the end, when Cole and Cassie explain Jones what happened and, with Jennifer's help, introduce Katarina to her adult daughter. A truly inspiring and important moment for everyone involved. Barbara Sukowa especially did an amazing work in the scene. Kudos! Looks like the time is on our side, at least for now. Can't wait to see what's next! Also picked by Darth Locke:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, "Beast Interrupted", June 9, 2016, Actors: Kristin Kreuk, Nina Lisandrello
The Scene: Tess goes undercover with Cat (picked by Samantha Benjamin)

GAME OF THRONES, "The Broken Man", June 5, 2016, Actors: Liam Cunningham, Bella Ramsey and more, The Scene: Jon, Sansa and Davos approach Lady Mormont for help
Darth Locke:
Although The Waif stabbing Arya was the more shocking scene in the episode, I doubt much that she is dead and that there isn't a catch 22 there, but I chose this scene instead, because it was a more delightful scene of the episode. Lyanna Mormont also connects many things together from Jon to Lyanna Stark to Daenerys through Jorah, and Jorah to Jon from Jeor Mormont & Aemon Targaryen - and Lady Mormont surely reminded fans of how Arya once was...

ORPHAN BLACK, "The Mitigation of Competition", June 9, 2016, Actor: √Čvelyne Brochu, The Scene: Delphine is revealed to be alive
Aimee Hicks:
I confess, this might not have been the best scene of the entire episode, but it was certainly the most anticipated. It was a scene I have been waiting for all season and was ecstatic to finally see Delphine return to the world of the living. This was a perfect case of a show who lost full time access to an extraordinary performer but instead of killing her off they built an epic and season driving storyline to explain her absence all without having to kill off her character. In a dark and blood filled season that has seen the loss of many beloved female characters this was a welcome resurrection. Delphine’s disappearance has driven Cosima this season and by virtue a good part of the story. Delphine was gone from the screen but she was never forgotten as her self confessed soul mate scoured the Earth for answers about her fate. We’ve seen Cosima go through all the stages of grief in her search for Delphine and I can only imagine how important and powerful their reunion will be when it does finally happen. For this scene it was a brilliant reveal that regular viewers knew was coming the second the French music filled the screen. The slow turn around was suspenseful even though I’d already figured out it was Delphine. Orphan Black has always been a brilliant show with incredibly loyal fans but I think they earned a lot of respect for how they handled Evelyne’s temporary absence from the show. This scene was short and definitely not the most powerful of the episode but it was so anticipated and long waited for that it is the scene I have to go with. Also picked by Samantha Benjamin

OUTCAST, "(I Remember) When She Loved Me", June 10, 2016, Actors: Julia Crockett and more, The Scene: Sarah Barnes is released of the demon
Kollin Lore:
In a flashback, Sarah Barnes is released of the demon, but not before the evil being gets the final laugh on young Kyle Barnes. Two episodes in and Outcast has elevated itself into one of my favourite shows on television, and I don't normally like to like shows this prematurely. However, the series so far and this episode was just emotionally gripping and terrifying, driven by an eerie mystery and a very intriguing story. This particular scene that saw the being in its fluidy form lassoo itself around young Kyle's neck to strangle him was the culmination of an episode that explored the relationship between Kyle Barnes and his mother. It was heartbreaking to watch the mother watch her son get strangled after the ordeal the demon put them through. On a visual standpoint, that scene was sickly gorgeous, they've added quite a fresh twist on this whole tired demonic possession genre. It also left some interesting questions to ponder about until the next episode.

OUTLANDER, "Prestonpans", June 11, 2016, Actors: Stephen Walters and more, The Scenes: The Battle & Angus dies
Darth Locke:
The whole episode was wonderfully done, but the cinematography with the battle itself--the way the characters bodies were highlighted in and out of the fog was spectacular for an all too often blur, where other battles in film are concerned.
Prpleight: I knew when Rupert got hurt I knew Angus was going to die. I was expecting Claire to discover an injury when she was checking him for a concussion. When nothing happened for so long I decided I was wrong…then he keeled over. I am going to miss that guy.

PENNY DREADFUL, "No Beast So Fierce", June 5, 2016, Actors: Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and more, The Scene: The dinner before war
Kollin Lore:
A dinner before war among Ethan, his father, Sir Malcolm, Hectate, Inspector Bartholew and others. Penny Dreadful is a great show to watch when it comes to understanding how to stage a scene. This sequence is one such great example - the intensity hanging over this dinner table can be felt, it was both nail biting and yet humurous to watch as each of the table mates tried to upend eachother, and also as Ethan and Hectate continued to eat non-chalantly after Mr. Talbot shoots the police officer in front of them all. The writing of this scene was spectacular, each character involved had a chance to shine, especially Ethan when he delivered the Our Father prayer with an evil twist. Just exemplary television all around.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Synecdoche", June 7, 2016, Actors: Michael Emerson, Sarah Shahi and more, The Scenes: Finch and the Machine talk about Root & Shaw accepts her role in carrying on Root’s legacy
Justyna K:
How strange it feels to hear the Machine talking in Root's voice. Like Finch, I needed a little while to get used to this change. In the end it really worked, especially knowing how much she would have been proud and happy to see the Machine echoing her like that. It was another great hour and I loved the reveal that there is more than just one Team Machine keeping people safe out there in the world. Seeing the impact our team has made on these people makes their work all the more powerful. In an hour full of the great moments worth mentioning in the article I still couldn't help but choose the conversation between Finch and his creation, about Root, the loss and what it truly means for the Machine. Such a fascinating perspective. In the moments like that, the Machine really seems alive. And I still continue to be amazed by what Harold has created. I hope to see even more of these interactions between them. They're absolutely fantastic. And kudos to Michael Emerson & Amy Acker for their wonderful work there. Only a couple of hours left and I already miss the show!
Prpleight: It’s nice that Finch is finally getting to know his ‘child’; something Root kept trying to get him to do. I agreed with Root that Finch needs realize that The Machine isn’t simply a machine. She’s an entity that is capable of grieving the loss of an ally and friend. And, I think, Finch understanding that will be critical to them winning this war.
Aimee Hicks: Shaw spent a good portion of this episode thinking she was still in a simulation and actually hoping she was so that Root would still be alive somewhere in the world. She can’t grieve like a normal person but her pain was evident. Shaw was just going through the motions praying the nightmare she was living would end with her death and a new simulation would begin where she could see Root again. That’s why her being on this mission and chosen by the machine to carry on Root’s mission was so important. She has finally accepted that she is in the real world. She has reluctantly accepted that Root is really gone. What she hasn’t accepted is that Root’s mission died with her. She got a taste of what Root had been doing and she finally understood why Root was willing to die for it. Root’s legacy is now in Shaw’s hands and she’ll fight to see that Samaritan falls to honor Root and live the life Root would have wanted her to. It was a simple scene where Reese simply allowed Shaw to come to this moment of acceptance. It was powerful acting by Sarah who allowed audiences into Shaw’s heart without breaking character. This moment was true to Shaw and true to the love she shared with Root. Not the most action packed moment of the episode but definitely a standout.

PREACHER, "See", June 5, 2016, Actors: Joseph Gilgun and more
The Scene: Fight at the church
Kollin Lore:
The award for most gruesome, brutal, riveting, action sequence this week goes to Preacher. The scene that saw Gilgun's Cassidy fend off a chainsaw wielding maniac and his companion as poor Jesse Custer lay there unconscious was just bloody awesome. There's nothing more to say about it.

THE AMERICANS, "Persona Non Grata", June 8, 2016, Actors: Dylan Baker and more
The Scenes: The montage sequence & The FBI captures William
Bradley Adams:
The montage sequence, set to Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire," as Elizabeth and Philip contemplate Gabriel's offer, Paige meets Tim and Alice's newborn baby, and Arkady sits with a drink on his last day in America.
DarkUFO: The FBI track down, chase and capture William.

WYNONNA EARP, "Landslide", June 10, 2016, Actors: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and more, The Scene: Waverly is shot
Aimee Hicks:
I hate that Waverly got shot, but for the sake of showing the bond between Waverly and Wynonna this scene was critical. Most of the episode involved Wynonna reconnecting with Willa while Waverly was mostly left out. She tried to reconnect with Willa but Waverly is a smart woman and she knows something with Willa just isn’t right. There is a push and pull between the oldest Earp and the youngest with Wynonna caught square in the middle. Even though Wynonna bonded with Willa more when they were kids it is Waverly who has been loyally by her side and supporting her ever since she got back to town. Say what you will about Wynonna she is an amazing big sister to Waverly. When Wynonna and Willa got back to the house she saw Dolls was okay but some sisterly instinct wouldn’t let her leave without laying eyes on Waverly. When Waverly collapsed to the ground Wynonna didn’t hesitate to race to Waverly’s side to comfort her injured little sister. She showed compassion and love that I’m not sure Willa was even capable of when she was a kid before the kidnapping. The only reason Wynonna left Waverly’s side was because she knew Waverly was safe in Dolls’ hands and because Waverly basically pushed her out the door. No matter what Willa is still their sister and family means a lot to Waverly. Despite her issues with her eldest sister she knew they couldn’t lose her. The acting in this scene by Melanie and Dominique showed how truly connected these actresses are. They have a strong bond in real life and that allowed them to beautifully translate this powerful sisterly bond to the screen. Also picked by Samantha Benjamin

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