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Rizzoli and Isles - Shadow of a Doubt - Review : More questions than answers

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Rizzoli and Isles, Episode 705

Written by Ken Hanes

Directed by Peter B . Kowalski

This episode delivered a solid crime story but sadly a lack of continuity in the character’s storylines made it disappointing to watch. In seven seasons I can imagine some things get missed as I have mentioned before but naming a character incorrectly ... somehow Cailin Hope’s daughter is now known as Catlin,clearly, this should have been picked up. I even replayed to see if I had misheard but numerous fans have commented on the incorrect naming of the character. Even subtitles for the episode have it has Caitlin.
I went back to check and found this dialogue from a previous episode:-
"Cailin" means "uncertain." That's the name that my mother picked for me. "Maura" means "great." That's the name she picked for you.”
This is from episode 306 Money Maker

As Hope goes on to state certain things it becomes clear that all the previous episodes involving her character seem to have been forgotten. These events, which I will go on to explain later, were integral for the characters. It may be the final season but such mistakes should not be made! Those who have continually followed these characters and the show deserve more in the closing episodes.
The scenes that did shine were Angela and Jane and as always Maura and Jane. After a fantastic episode last week this one was below par and lacking throughout.

We open with a guy running to the top of the stairs after hearing a scream. At the bottom is a woman laid in a pool of blood and a girl stood over her. Was she pushed or did she fall?

In Maura’s kitchen once again, Maura is calling her mother, no not Constance, who is not mentioned at all despite the fact her daughter is having surgery, but Hope who has a strained relationship with Maura.
Angela arrives with baked goods that Maura can’t eat due to her surgery later that day. Soon they are called to the crime scene. Unfortunately, for Jane and due to Maura’s hunger she gets the history of the bagel on the way. Maura’s surgery if you recall is for the problem with her memory detected after the fall (remember in the shooting).

At the crime scene, the woman is laid at the bottom of the stairs in a large pool of blood and even I would not need a medical degree to think that’s a lot of blood for a fall. No surprise Maura looks into this later with the help of Kent and his Melons.

Jane and Korsak interview the husband and daughter of the victim who has been sedated due to shock.

Jane has her suspicions and they are confirmed later at Morgue by Maura and then Kent demonstrating with melons that the force which the head was fractured would require greater force than a fall .
Yes, the victim was murdered.

Maura is waiting on her surgery with Angela and Jane when Hope arrives things are a bit strained which is to be expected but Hope seems to want to be there. As Hope leaves both Jane and Angela encourage Maura to try and build a relationship with Hope I loved the banter between these two.

In regards, the crime we found out on paper the couple had no financial problems and were both from solid backgrounds. Checking the text messages, we learn the daughter was angry with her Mother and texted her boyfriend that night. She also sneaked out to a party with her boyfriend. After speaking with the boyfriend they learn she left soon after arriving.

What follows is a clever back and forth as to who is the murderer. Is it the daughter who is, in fact, the stepdaughter of the Husband or the Husband
Janes' gut is on the husband who we learn had a girlfriend in the past who died in a slip and fall similar to the current case. The Medical examiner at the time ruled it as accidental.
Even passing a lie detector and setting up the daughter does not sway Jane of the fact that he is guilty of the murder of his wife when lies unfold about his relationship and background.
The daughter and her mother had a tenuous relationship. Though the daughter states, she did not kill her.

Maura meanwhile is out of surgery and being fussed over by Hope who was nowhere to be seen before when she gave her daughter Caitlin / Cailin a kidney. Her speech in the hospital about imaging Maura going to school and what she was doing when Caitlin/ Cailin did these things again made me pause. Hope was told by Paddy Doyle Maura was dead so was it just wishful thinking or once again another error.
Later while Maura is at home and Hope mentions her Clinic’s it was as if Maura didn’t know about them but she has already visited Hope in one. The whole story was as if we hadn’t met this character before or the history between them in regards to Hope helping Paddy. Yes, I like the awkwardness between them and they played it well but honestly things needed addressing that were sadly left out for any scenes between these two to be believable in my eyes. I was really looking forward to Sharon Lawrence's return as Hope but little could be done with the material she was given.

Back to the case and Jane is determined to get her guy who is cool and calculating.

Maura who is soon back at work rules the original accident was no accident and whoever murdered the victim must have been covered in blood. I am also amazed Maura appeared to be back at work within a few days. On researching into the procedure that Maura would have had done I found it involves overnight in intensive care and three to four days in the hospital.

Soon thanks to the dumpster diving of a homeless guy they get the bloody clothing to use as evidence against the husband putting the daughter in the clear.

Later as Maura is going to meet the gang at the robber and Hope arrives Maura agrees to go with her for a tour of the clinic (which she has seen one before). This all comes from Maura’s fear that the operation won’t work and what can she do if not a medical examiner. Surely she couldn’t be a medical doctor either with the problem. I wonder if this is setting up for Maura thinking about working on the living something she has avoided for so long and leaving Boston.

Jane who didn’t need her detective skills to know Frankie and Nina are dating. She is happy for them as we end the episode.

So what were your thoughts?

Did you feel the Hope storyline did not play out as expected?

Will Maura soon be leaving the Medical Examiner’s office?

About the Author - Zandarl
Zandarl a Writer and avid TV and film buff ,once described as a wilful hedonist, has travelled all over and lived in the states for a short time. Now based in the UK she attends cons when able and meets stars from her favourite shows .Her first start in fandom was Xena and since then has admired tv shows that portray strong women. Her current favorites being Rizzoli and Isles and Once Upon a Time as well as anything comic book related. A regular movie goer she watches most genres but never ask her to watch a horror movie.
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