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Penny Dreadful – No Beast So Fierce – Advance Preview

Tensions rise and plot lines converge in this latest episode of Penny Dreadful. Be prepared for significant action in the Wild West as a Talbot family dinner will keep you on the edge of your seat. This has to be my favorite sequence of the episode, and that’s saying something considering how I haven’t expressed much enthusiasm for Ethan’s story this season. However, the emotions running high during this scene, as well as it being the most action-packed portion of “No Beast So Fierce” will keep you guessing as to what will happen next. As always, the use of music and its absence heightens the scene well.

That being said, aside from the Wild West portion this episode is a bit slow. It sets up many things that hint at potential extraordinary pay off, not just in this season but seasons to come. Sharp ears will pick up on the mention of a very important name that may come in to play should a fourth season get ordered. And I’m wondering after this episode, as we see more and more of Lily’s endeavors, if she or her new protégé Justine might take on the role of another famous Victorian figure, one that struck terror in many hearts. The power struggle developing between Dorian, Lily, and Justine is foreboding to say the least. In this episode in particular I’m struck by how much depth Billie Piper has injected into her character. She gives an incredibly layered performance this outing.

I must say that the non-consensual vibe of Frankenstein and Jekyll’s work has reached a peak in this episode. It makes me uncomfortable and conflicted as I want to see more of them, particularly Jekyll, but the intention behind his work and words puts me off. Another thing that I struggled with in this episode, though these conflicted feelings are more welcome, is my reaction to Dr. Dracula. We see demonstrations of his power, yet I’m left to wonder, in the tradition of Penny Dreadful being a story about embracing that which goes bump in the night, what can we take from this episode that’s sincere and what’s not.

Finally, “No Beast So Fierce” introduces us to Catriona Hartegen, who is rather mysterious. She is another woman in the Penny Dreadful world who breaks barriers, though in a less subtle way than how Vanessa shirked Victorian sensibilities. Catriona comes off as a bit of a blunt instrument and I want to not like her for that reason, yet there is something intriguing about the character.

In “No Beast So Fierce” we see so many of our protagonists pushing and pulling against each other. With only three episodes left in the season, we are beginning to see all of these individual stories come to a head. There is less of a driving force to season three, which we’ve seen in these past episodes. There are threats, but they aren’t breathing down our characters’ necks as the witches did in season two. What stands out in “No Beast So Fierce” is how season three is the culmination of so much character growth and interaction, the payoff being something like this episode where our characters are starting to play against each other more and interact in combinations they aren’t usually found in.

Be sure to tune in to “No Beast So Fierce” this Sunday!

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