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Outcast - All Alone Now - Advanced Preview

Plot Synopsis: Kyle and Reverend Anderson confront an unusual possession.

I was able to watch the third episode of Outcast before it officially airs Friday night on Cinemax. Previously on Outcast we have seen Kyle try to come to terms with his new found 'powers' of exorcising demons. Episode One dealt with Kyle and Reverend Anderson aiding Joshua Austin exorcise his demon to a positive and crucial end. Episode Two, which aired last week, showed us through flashbacks Kyle's fractured relationship with his mother and how he lost her to demonic possession.

We are still unclear how and why Joshua and Sarah's exorcism had differing results, but that is what this first season hopes to answer. The third episode, "All Alone Now", will show us a new character plagued by demonic possession and how Kyle and the Rev hope to rid them of their affliction. This new case is definitely different than the other two we have seen so far this season and will most likely prove to be a difficult task for the two.

What I enjoyed most about this third episode is that the gore and bleakness that is Kyle's world is still going at full speed. Most shows I know of seem to let up around the third or fourth episodes when it comes to the action or horror, but Outcast is operating on all cylinders through the first three episodes with no evidence of letting up. The blood and havoc are plenty in the next chapter and Outcast is quickly becoming my new favorite show on television at the moment.

Things To Notice

- I have said this since the first episode, but I think that the Rev would harbor resentment that Kyle has specific 'powers' to combat the evil in this town and the world while the Rev seemingly has relatively none. Watch for tell tale signs that this is starting to get under the Rev's skin.

- We witness a little more of the mysterious Sidney (played great by Brent Spiner). What is he up to? What is his relationship to Kyle and his mother?

- Megan, Kyle's sister, begins a new story arc that looks promising so keep an eye on her scenes and what she's up to.

- I am intrigued by the case in the woods that Mark is so intent on solving. Watch for clues from the evidence he finds to see if we can come up with more theories as to what is going on with the animal sacrifice and how that ties into the main story arc, if it does at all.

Thank you for checking out my Advanced Preview for the third episode of Outcast. If you have any questions about it I would be glad to answer and promise not to reveal any spoilers. Please check back after the episode airs for my Review. Each week I will post an Advanced Preview for the following episode and I will be Reviewing Outcast all season long. Have a great week everyone!

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