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Baby Daddy - Trial by Liar - Advanced Preview

Baby Daddy returns tonight for part two of it’s fifth season. The premiere picks up right where we left off with Ben choosing Zoey over Sam only to see that her baby daddy is back in her life and Danny and Riley breaking up over his lies about hooking up with Sam in high school.

Not to worry Danny and Riley fans - the breakup does cause some drama but there are still plenty of scenes between the two of them. After Danny tries and fails to gain Riley’s forgiveness the old fashioned way, with an apology, Riley puts Danny on trial for breaking her heart. I was a little unsure about this part when I read the press release for the episode, however, this actually turned out to be my favorite part. Jack√©e Harry returns as Judge Johnson to preside over the trial and she is as hilarious as ever! She definitely has some of the funniest lines of the episode, rivaled only by Tucker who is still around observing the chaos and delivering some of the greatest comedic moments of the show. Also, Bonnie is back after her trip to find Brad in Peru and she’s representing Danny in the trial, as expected, it’s ridiculously hilarious. As for whether or not the trial leads to a reconciliation for Danny and Riley, you’ll have to watch and find out!

Meanwhile, after Ben chose Zoey and then got rejected at her doorstep, he’s feeling a little embarrassed. He doesn't want anyone to know that she didn’t pick him so he convinces her to pretend to date him, but only long enough for him to publicly break up with her so that he can be seen as the dumper instead of the dumpee. As expected, this leads to some funny and awkward moments between the two of them. It’s a pretty typical Ben storyline but I’ll give it a pass because there is a really nice moment where Ben gives some parenting/life advice to someone, which kind of makes up for the predictable storyline.

Here are a couple of extra, spoilery snippets - there’s a more emotional moment between Danny and Riley involving some tears (I won't reveal if they're happy or sad tears), there’s a breakup, and someone ends up getting arrested (not necessarily related!).

I’ll also throw in a few dialogue teasers because this episode was just too funny not to! Can you guess who says what?

“If he had any pride do you think he’d be standing here right now?”
“Who are you Nosy Nancy?”
“It’s ok, I get it you're just overreacting and being hypersensitive.”
“The only thing that makes him look bad is clothes.”

Share what you’re looking forward to and your predictions for the premiere in the comments! Look out for my full review of this episode after it airs tonight (Wednesday) at 8:30pm on FREEFORM.

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