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12 Monkeys - Hyena - Advance Preview

12 Monkeys “Hyena” was directed by Bill Eagles with a story by Christopher Monfette and the teleplay by the team of Monfette and Sean Tretta. Eagles other credits include The Magicians, Gotham, Fringe, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is another fast paced episode – does 12 Monkeys do anything else? A theme of lies and truth runs throughout the episode. Look for some terrific guest stars, including Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, Supernatural, Sanctuary, and True Blood). We also get Demore Barnes back as Whitley – who I’ve really been missing this season.

Look for the Tall Man (Tom Noonan) to get a present and have a very poor bedside manner. We learn that something happens between 1951 and 1973 that is very important. Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) asks Cole (Aaron Stanford) to ask Jennifer (Emily Hampshire) a question for him. Jennifer and Cole play a very old game of chance. Jennifer tells Cole that he is watching the wrong thing, but he’s a bit of a slow study.

Not everyone is out for vengeance. And not everyone is happy to see Cole in this episode. Hannah (Brooke Williams) has valuable information for Ramse and Cassie, who are working together. Cassie calls shotgun for a long trip. Hannah and Jones (Barbara Sukowa) start to get to know each other.

Someone we thought was dead was really in hiding. In fact, more than one person believed lost will be found. Cassie tells the truth. Cassie and Ramse have something surprising in common. A name, place, and date give someone a new mission. Cole brings Jennifer a friend. Hampshire is simply excellent in this episode – it’s always great to watch her tease out a different point on Jennifer’s journey.

And finally, here are a number of quotes. As always no particular order and no indication of the speaker….

The birth of the Red Forest.
They turn on each other. Become animals.
For the Tall Man who pulls the strings.
Their rage is blinding.
Like the A-Team with all Murdochs.
This is a lesson: perception versus deception.
I like the swan story better. No one dies.
Fearlessness from knowing that everything’s going to be ok.
Mankind did for its words what it could not do for itself. Digital immortality.
There are many endings, but the right one is the one you choose.
Humility. That’s a new look for you.
It’s like a memory of tomorrow.
It won’t be your hatred that will divide you. It will be the lies you tell to camouflage it.
You know the otter is a member of the weasel family.

Don’t forget to tune in to 12 Monkeys tonight on Syfy at 9/8C!

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