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Wynonna Earp - Two-Faced Jack - Advance Preview

Wynonna Earp 108 preview

After the cliffhanger ending of the last episode, we are all wondering the fate of Wynonna and Deputy Haught who seem to have vanished right out of the police cruiser leaving only bloody hand prints smeared on the side.

We pick up directly after last week's episode and Doc is given a clue as to the fate of Wynonna and Haught when a jack of spades playing card is left on the windshield.
He asks for Doll’s help who seems to have struck a deal with the black badge division to be able to return. So far this season it has become clear they don’t have the best working relationship but must put their fear's aside to track down the final of the seven and possibly the most disturbing.

Things get even stranger when Haught turns up injured but alive after being told she wasn’t the right type! Thinking back to the previous episode were the victim with dark hair looked a bit like Wynonna doesn’t make you feel any easier.

For more information they most contact a Revenant who happens to run an underground fight club.
The first rule of fight club don’t talk about fight club is all I’m giving you. Though it makes very entertaining scenes and once again has us asking what or who the hell Doll’s really is.

While this episode was macabre to the point I was actually not looking at some points. It was chilling to the bones and beyond. There are also few twists and turns which you may or may not see coming. I will advise for those who are squeamish there are scenes you may not want to look at.

By the end, you are sure our heroine will survive and maybe bury a few of her own personal demons. Though I fear this one will give her new nightmares. She also may have solved a century’s old mystery.

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