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Wynonna Earp - Constant Cravings - Review

As we near the midway point of the season, Wynonna Earp continues to chug along at a nice, steady pace revealing little by little the backgrounds of each of our four protagonists. In 'Constant Cravings' particular focus is put on Agent Dolls who, up this point, has been the most mysterious of all the characters.

The title refers primarily to the revenant of the week, but it can be argued that it also refers to Dolls and his craving for whatever that injection is. With regards to the former, this story of finding the seven revenants who killed Wynonna's father and sister has been genius. It helps fill out the 13 episode count while not wasting a minute as she tracks her foes down one by one, week by week. In 'Constant Cravings' the next and sixth revenant ends up to be quite sympathetic - one of two siblings who killed Wynonna's father to end the curse, so that her 'Mama' will stop eating people.

This Mama is a creepy revenant with super speed. Motivated by unimaginable hunger every time she wakes up, Mama devours her victims whole. Her son also abducts people and butchers them to feed to his Mama. This provided some gruesome scenes making it the most bloodiest episode yet.

The daughter is an interesting character also. She was an innocent bystander killed by a stray bullet from Doc Holliday and brought back as a revenant to her dismay. As mentioned previously, she only killed Wynonna's father because it was the only way she thought she could stop Mama.

It is quite surprising how brutally unforgiving Wynonna is. I thought this daughter would become a good revenant who'd help team Earp to atone for her sin, but it seems Wynonna won't accept anything less than death for those involved in the murder of her family, as she should, but her lust for revenge is nevertheless frightening.

Dolls character is shaping up to be quite interesting. We still do not what he is, but his eyes dilating into something beastly after taking that shot creates quite the intrigue. The fact Mama said he is tainted is also very peculiar. It didn't make sense why she would bring him to her bunker and play around with him considering how she treated her other victims, but that's just a minor quib.

We also got some great character progression with Waverly. First off, she finally dumped Champ! Koroll really hammed up the characters' assholeness to the point of cringe worthy, so it was gratifying when Waverly told him off. Now, can we see him get eaten or brutally murdered by a revenant, please? Even more intriguing of a development is that after finding a skull that her uncle tasked her to find in a letter, Waverly is now the 'keeper of the bones.' It is great to see her role in the team getting more and more integral to helping end the curse -first as a researcher and now this.

Some other things to note. Poor Doc Holliday was friend zoned by Wynonna. Women, eh? Speaking of our titular character, her reaction to the motorcycle was priceless, definitely the highlight humor moment of this episode. Also, this new character, 'The Blacksmith,' is a very interesting side character. Actress Rachael Ancheril kind of reminds me of Rosario Dawson - they have the same kind of expressions. As a character, The Blacksmith adds some mysticism elements to this show, which is always welcome.

Overall, this was a solid episode stacked with some very intriguing character developments. Dolls in particular is finally becoming interesting - all four of the main protagonists have now had equal spotlight in these first six episodes.


What did you guys think? Anything missed writing about that you loved from this episode? Leave your comments below!?

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