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Veep - The Eagle - Review: "Bulk Iced Tea and off-brand Cough Syrup"

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Veep 5.03 "The Eagle"

So far, things are good for Selina. We're three days away from the Nevada recount and her relationship with the billionaire banker Charlie Baird is going down well from everywhere to the media and Wall Street itself. However, things go sideways when she accidentally tweets something to her new partner. It's not exactly clarified what the actual tweet was, but we know it was enough to have Ben giggle with laughter and earn a retort from the opposing Presidential Candidate.

It's great to see that the show doesn't display the tweet for us, and as a result it's allowed our minds to wonder about the possibilities. It's also enough to show us Mike's panic, and watch as Ben and Kent start to cover her tracks by blaming the Chinese hackers as the people responsible. This inevitably leads to Selina not going down the honest route first which according to Mike might have been better, but instead Selina lies. And yeah, because this is TV, we know that the lie is going to come back to haunt her.

Dan and Amy seem to also be getting back to normal in their relationship, and by back to normal, they're bickering at each other, as Dan was informed about his mixup with CBS/CVS when it came to Amy's sister and Amy's comment about him now getting bulk iced tea and off-brand cough syrup was hilarious. Oh and Selina and Catherine's s exchange regarding the vulgar parts also was a great way of describing not just the characters themselves, but the whole show, with Selina telling Catherine to cut out the vulgar parts of her documentary, which she counters by saying that everything was vulgar.

Oh, and that bit with Jonah was just pure gold. I loved how Amy, Dan and Selina told him to shut up at pretty much exactly the same time, and it just really worked. If I had to pick a highlight from this episode it would be this one for sure.

It was no surprise to see The Eagle borrow its title from the nickname assigned to Bob Bradley, the campaign veteran. Bob is heading the Nevada recount but he's experiencing increasing problems with his mental state, asking about today's soup in the Oval Office. Probably not the best thing to do. And that was just after a secure phonecall with Selina. He also told Jonah that "Jews cause hurricanes." So you know, just standard things that Bob does.

Veep may be five seasons in but it's showing no signs of ageing yet. It's still at the top of its game, and The Eagle was no exception, delivering another brilliant half hour of television. Be sure to let me know in the comments about what you thought of the episode (and what you think Selina's tweet was!) and check the next one, "Mother" (something to do with Selina and Catherine maybe?) on HBO this Sunday at 10:30pm.

Overall Episode Verdict: A
+Amy/Selina/Dan telling Jonah to shut up.
+Not showing us the exact tweet.
+Catherine/Selina's exchange.

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