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UnREAL - Season 2 - Freddie Stroma Returning

EW has confirmed that Freddie Stroma, who played former suitor Adam Cromwell, will return to bring new attention to producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby). However, Lifetime has not yet revealed in which episode and for how long Stroma will appear. (Yahoo was first to report news of Stroma’s return.)

Adam and Rachel’s situation came to a head last season after Quinn (Constance Zimmer) convinced him to block Rachel’s romantic advances — though Adam wound up alone anyway after being left at the altar by Anna (Johanna Braddy).

Series creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro previously told EW that Rachel would meet a new love interest, despite the dead-ends in season 1.

“There’s another producer who comes in, who’s educated, smart, liberal, cunning, manipulative, and Jewish, and all of these things that line up for her in ways she’s never been exposed to,” she said in January. “What happens to a person when they’re faced with the potential of a real relationship?”

Shapiro stressed that Rachel finding love may not be the best outcome and that audiences “should also be very, very worried about Rachel’s mental health, like super concerned about what it’s like when Rachel actually falls in love for real.”

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