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Time After Time - ABC Pilot Preview *Updated*

Thanks to Darkness for the heads up, here is SeasonZero's Preview

Kevin Williamson fascinates me. Really. His scripts always get ordered to pilot and his pilots always get ordered to series. That’s how good he is on the page, as a writer, but also as an executive producer. It doesn’t mean his shows are always good -remember Stalker– and last long -remember Hidden Palms– but he’s an incredible storyteller. He simply knows how to write efficient, entertaining and edgy network television. He has a large number of obsessions -serial killers are one, love triangles are another- that make all of this shows very familiar but also very different at the same time because he never tells the same story twice. This pilot season, he created two -This + Ghost at The CW- and produces one, Recon for FOX (Read the preview). Time After Time is definitely the best. And also one of the best pilot scripts at ABC overall. I would VERY surprised if they don’t order it. Because of its quality, because of its huge potential and because of…

Time After Time is not produced in-house, it’s a Warner Bros. Television production. BUT ABC signed an “unprecedented” stacking rights deal with them a few weeks ago so they’re able to offer all in-season episodes –rather than the current practice of the “rolling five” most recent 5 in-season episodes– of any new Warner Bros. series launched in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons on a variety of video-on-demand platforms. And Time After Time happens to be the only drama pilot in contention at ABC that is produced by them. So you do the maths. If they don’t pick it up, the deal is a waste of money, at least for this first year. They also have comedy pilot Dream Team (read the preview) that is very much alive.

Thanks to The Juryist for the heads up.

Young H.G. Wells & network television are not two things I would put together. But writer Williamson is highly respected, and this is based on a novel, so I get the pilot greenlight.

For some reason, I thought this would take place in modern-ish times. But no, we’re actually dropped into 1893 and Wells has built a time machine. Danger is afoot as Jack the Ripper is on the loose. And then he has to escape into the time machine to 2016. Aha — that makes sense now.

I first was confused why ABC would be interested in H.G. Wells. Then I remembered Sleepy Hollow and Elementary. Public domain IP still is making a dent on our television, though it’s obviously on the wane. Wells meets Jane in 2016, and he is a man out of time (like Encino Man, but you know, without Pauly Shore). Jane is understandably incredulous at first.

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