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The Originals - Where Nothing Stays Buried - Review

This week on the Originals we dealt with the aftermath of Kol killing Davina. They tried to resurrect her but when Lucien threatened Rebekah, Freya and Elijah decided to sacrifice Davina to save her. By doing so Freya was able to steal some power from the ancestors and take turn Lucien back into a regular vampire. He was then killed by Klaus. Marcel, Kol and Vincent were too late to save Davina from the ancestors. Vincent was able to remove the serum from Aurora and gave it to Marcel. 

Favorite character: You’re all going to hate me for this but I loved Freya this week. I know a lot of people are upset with the choice she and Elijah made, but come on. It was an impossible choice. Either save Davina (which might possibly fail anyway) or use this opportunity to get rid of a monster whose sole mission it is to destroy your entire family. After losing Finn, I’m not at all surprised that Freya chose to protect her sister. She has spent her whole life dreaming about having a family. No way is she going to let anyone take them away from her. I’m pretty sure that if Klaus hadn’t just lost Cami, he would’ve agreed. I’m actually surprised he didn’t anyway. And while I’m sure Rebekah won’t like the fact that Davina was sacrificed to save her, I think she’d probably do the same thing. 

What I have an issue with: So while Davina’s death doesn’t bother me that much (since I expected it), the circumstances do. I expected her to die while taking down the ancestors. The last thing I wanted was for her to die to jumpstart another character’s storyline. Davina deserved more than that. The ancestors seem to have a weird concept of justice. Yes, Davina did a terrible thing when she had those witches killed. But let’s face it, there were New Orleans witches that did way worse. If they thought what she did was so bad, why didn’t they act right after it had happened? Why wait with their retribution until now. I truly believe that they had every intention of killing Lucien after using him to get rid of the Originals and he was an idiot to think otherwise. 

Missing character: Josh should’ve been in this episode. He should’ve been in the one before as well. He’s lost two friends and I’m not even sure anyone’s told him. He should have been there to help resurrect Davina or at least have been given the chance to say goodbye. The writers really neglected their relationship after the first season I that’s a damn shame because I loved their friendship. 

Favorite moment: Despite how they got there, I doubt anyone minded seeing Lucien finally bite the dust. I really thought he’d go out fighting but in the end he kind of just gave up. The ancestors didn’t do much for him either, which surprises me since they helped him out the last time. But I guess they were too busy gloating over Davina that they weren’t paying attention. I wonder if they’ll back Marcel now if he takes the serum. 

Least favorite character: I’m surprised by how quickly Vincent and Marcel switched sides. Vincent even blamed the Mikaelsons for Cami’s death which was totally the ancestors’ fault. As for Marcel, he should know by now that family will always come first for the Originals. Always and forever, right? Just like he’d sacrifice someone else for Davina. He seems to think that they chose vengeance over Davina but this wasn’t about that. They didn’t go after Lucien after Cami died, they didn’t make any move towards him until he threatened Rebekah. And to take that serum, knowing where it comes from and what it does. Neither Davina, nor Cami would want this. It would be a slap in the face if he took something created by the ones who killed Davina so that he can turn into what killed Cami. And running the Mikaelsons out of town is one thing, but if he actually goes after them with the intent to kill… I don’t think they’ll ever be able to redeem him. 
Best song: Silent Running by Hidden Citizens 

Best quotes: Klaus: “Seriously?” Hayley: “Look Klaus, we both know how this is going to go down. You’re going to tell me that I can’t come and I’m going to tell you that I love Rebekah too. Then you’re going to say that I’m going to slow you down and I’m going to remind you that you’re the one who cursed me to be a werewolf for six months and therefore I know every inch of the Bayou. Now, unless you want to be delayed by an angry, werewolf grandma with a shotgun, you should just admit that you need me.” Klaus: “I’ll drive.” 
Vincent: “Careful now. Because my magic is still plenty strong. Especially when coupled with head trauma.” 
Davina: “Thank you for saving me that first time. And for everything else after. I love you, Marcel.” 
Klaus: “You are nothing.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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