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The Mysteries of Laura - Cancelled by NBC *Updated*

15th May 2016 - What Would Have Happened in Season 3
Thanks to tsukikomew for the heads up

In the Season Three premiere, Jake’s girlfriend Jen (Jenna Fischer) would return the engagement ring to him. Knowing Laura wanted Jake back, Jen couldn’t stomach being a home wLaura-Fischerrecker, having grown up in a household with a similar dynamic between her own parents.

With Jen out of the way, Jake is open to reconciling with Laura. But since honesty has been the biggest stumbling block in their marriage, he insists that Laura first hear the full details about his affair that led to their divorce two years ago, (We’d establish that Laura never knew the identity of Jake’s mistress.) Laura comes to discover that Jake’s tryst had been with a prosecution witness in a homicide investigation which Jake and Laura’s two precincts worked on together back in 2014.

This revelation would trigger a run of flashback episodes in which we see this investigation play out. In these episodes, Dan Hauser (Enrico Colantoni) would have reprised his role as Captain, Laura would be partnered with Billy (Laz Alonso), Meredith (Janina Gavankar) would be partnered with visiting detective Jake, and it would be Max’s (Max Jenkins) first days and weeks on the job.

After these episodes, back in the present, Laura would sleuth out that Jake’s mistress had lied in her prosecution testimony two years ago to help an unaware Jake close his case. Realizing the convicted killer may in fact be innocent, Laura and Jake have to reopen the investigation. And even after the case thread resolves, the mistress would linger as an unwelcome presence in Laura and Jake’s life.



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