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The Flash - The Runaway Dinosaur - Review: Lost in Flash

The Flash episode 221

Written by Zack Stentz

Directed by Kevin Smith

After last week’s cliffhanger and Zoom starting his reign of terror in Central City; this episode is a lot slower paced before we gear up for the final two episodes.

Barry is in a type of limbo, well stuck within the speed force and getting advice from it in the forms of people he knows.

Meanwhile in S.T.A.R labs, while Wally wakes up ok (both Jesse and he were struck during the explosion), Jesse’s heart has stopped and despite being revived she remains unconscious.

With the gang realising Barry is stuck, thanks to Cisco’s vibe, Henry tries to find out why Jesse isn’t waking up, sending Cisco to check the previous Wells(evil one) files in the Morgue along with Iris. Unfortunately, it seems the blast has woken up one of the dead Meta’s and on top of everything else they have a zombie iron man, Girder, back from the dead to contend with.

Earth 2 Wells and Cisco work on a plan to bring Barry back but it seems Barry has to find his speed force so walks away refusing to come back.

Barry in his limbo seems to be visited by the ghosts of his past and present. We all know he has been full of self-doubt this season and wallowing. Here he comes to realise everything that has happened, good and bad, happened for a reason. Including letting his mother die was the right thing to do so he could be The Flash. Reading his favourite story with her, which is the episode title The Runaway dinosaur, makes him realise he is who he is meant to be.

In Central City and S.T.A.R labs, Iris sets a trap for Zombie Girder aka Tony from episode 106 and Barry’s old childhood bully before he became a Meta iron man. However it doesn’t work and they all end up hiding in the particle chamber were Cisco realises Barry didn’t want to come back and wants to try again. With Girder almost breaking down the door they don’t have much time and Henry offers to join with Cisco to help but ultimately it’s Iris who joins with him and calls Barry home. Barry is ready this time after he finally has caught up with himself or his speed force. Barry arrives back in time for them to defeat Tony and lay him back to rest.

Barry manages to awaken Jesse which may be a clue to her having inherited the speed force as well.

Iris and Barry go and visit Barry’s mother's grave something we learned he has never done. Finally, these two are together.

We then cut to Zoom who is rallying an army of Meta-humans and gives Caitlin the ultimatum to join him or die with her friends.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this episode from the trailer but it was superbly directed by Kevin Smith with a blend of the comedy as well as the tragedy of it all that has taken us to this point. Wells and Cisco together are brilliant and hilarious at times. The script was sharp and cleverly written and while it was ultimately about Barry’s journey we can all relate to it as we are all shaped by events that happen to us.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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