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The Family - What Would Have Happened in Season 2 Interviews

TVLINE | The last couple of episodes have laid the groundwork for Hank to revisit some of his old habits, since he hasn’t been getting his injections. And, of course, we see him get very tempted by a young boy in this finale. Why did you want to have Hank backslide a bit?

The thing that’s really interesting about Hank is he’s determined to distinguish himself from Doug, from the monster that actually took Adam. Here’s the man that has been blamed and incarcerated for what happened to Adam, and he didn’t do it, but he’s still not a saint. He’s still a pedophile, and we didn’t want to shy away from that. While people do have overwhelming sympathy for him — and I love that, because I do, too — we wanted to make it more complicated than that. We wanted to say to the audience, “Listen, this is a guy who struggles with this, and it is a problem, and he has a very, very hard time fixing it.”

Was Adam in that cabin that whole time?

Bans: He was. In our minds, he was in that cabin, which is Doug's friend's cabin, which we don't really explain on the show. But in the writers' room, you sort of work out logically how that cabin would not be listed under Doug's or Jane's names. ... Adam is really, really angry. What I love most about the reveal is that the Adam we see in the finale is markedly different from the Adam we see in the bunker. Ben and Adam have always been different. Even in captivity, Adam was always escape-driven. He's less willing to accept the situation he's in. You see that scar on his shaved head that, "Wow, this kid is not the kid we met three months earlier." When he says to Ben, "You took my life and I'm coming to take it back," I think there is an anger and a betrayal in his eyes that tells us that he's going to have a very, very different reaction to the outside world and society than Ben has done this season. We're excited about that.

Why didn't Doug kill Adam or let him die?

Bans: In my mind, Doug is not a murderer. He's a terrible person, to be sure, but I think people compartmentalize. ... I think as horrible and monstrous as this man is, I think he draws the line at murder. It even took a lot for him to go to kill Clements (Matthew Lawler), which is why he asked Jane for that rifle. He doesn't want to. When he saw that Jane hit him with a frying pan, he was like, "Good God!" He doesn't want to see a body count on his watch. He's also had these boys in his life for a really long time. He doesn't hate them. That was a line he couldn't cross. You're right. It would've been much simpler had he finished Adam off, but he cares about this kid and couldn't do it.