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The Blacklist - Season 3 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

Does part of Liz regret not finding out who Red is to her?

BOKENKAMP: Oh, that is still a big question to her. That’s still something that she will want answers to. She’s also resigned to the fact that there’s only so much that [Red] is going to tell her; he withholds information, he tells partial truths. He doesn’t really lie to her, but he’s also not always giving her all the information. For reasons that are very important to both of them, he is protective of that.
EISENDRATH: If you felt that the devil might be your biological father, you might be loathe to really know the truth. You might accidentally on purpose not ask the questions, because you really don’t want to know that. Now, as we go forward, she probably will be more inclined and more ready to face some of the truths that subconsciously she was unwilling to face in the first few years.

What’s going on in Liz’s head in those final moments of the episode as Alexander Kirk reveals himself to be her father?

EISENDRATH: She doesn’t know what has happened to either Tom or her child, so she’s concerned about her family, and she’s terrified that the fantasy life that she had hoped to carve out with Tom by faking her death is destroyed.

TVLINE | Walk me through what these last few episodes were like on your end. Were you told from the get-go that Liz’s death was faked, or was her death — and resurrection — something you only learned when reading the scripts?

The dissemination of information was very chaotic at first. [Laughs] I heard from Megan first. She came up to me and was like, “I’m dead.” And I said, “What?” and she said, “Yeah. I’m dead on the show.” And I basically said, “What? What are you talking about? We can’t do the show without you. There’s no way we’re going to kill you.” And then we got the scripts, and everybody was like, “What?! Is this real? Is this happening?” Of course, we all thought there was some way to turn it around.
The writers really didn’t want to tell us that she was going to come back, but I had so many questions, in terms of how to play certain scenes, and what knowledge I had and didn’t have. There were certain scenes that didn’t go far enough. I was like, “Jesus, if my wife just died, I would be more upset than this. I’d be breaking something or punching somebody or drinking myself into a stupor.” And finally, [series creator] Jon [Bokenkamp] was like, “All right, look, she’s not dead, man.” [Laughs] And he told me the plan and why Tom was underreacting, because he’s orchestrating this plan. And I was like, “Huzzah!”

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the spinoff a little bit. At what point in the year did discussions for a spinoff begin, and when were you brought in as a potential star of that show?

You know, this Tom Keen spinoff thing was a whisper I heard a long time ago. I want to say end of Season 1 or beginning of Season 2 — I mean, a long time ago. And then it never really happened, so I just thought it was a rumor or a desire without anything behind it. And then about halfway through Season 3, it started to get very real. They started to say, “Let’s get a script, and let’s get serious about it.” And suddenly, there were ideas happening and casting decisions. And then I got the script, and I’ve really been pleasantly surprised at every turn. Not because I didn’t have faith in the writers, because they’re fantastic, but it’s hard to do a spinoff. It’s easy for it to either be a carbon copy or stale. But they’ve really done this great job of incorporating what’s wonderful about The Blacklist and adding a lot of new elements to make it its own show.
We’re going to get into this political bent. Scottie’s hiring spies like myself to influence governments, and [there are] empires rising and falling and the behind-the-scenes of that. I think that’s really timely, with Bernie Sanders and the concentration of wealth at the top, and corporations having all the power and influence on politics. If we get into a dramatized version of that world, where we are spies operating with those 1-percenters, that’s a really fun world that people want to see right now.