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The Big Bang Theory - The Line Substitution Solution - Review


For the second week in a row, the writers managed a solid episode. It was entertaining to see Leonard's mother again. For once, she's not torturing her own son! It's now on her daughter-in-law!!! She bonds instantly with Amy and Bernadette, but not Penny. At first, I thought Beverly was just mean to her for no reason until she admitted to her that she and her own son did not invite her to the wedding. They had a great in-law relationship. I now understood why she had every reason to be rude to her. Any scene with Beverly (Leonard's mom) was fantastic in this episode. No wonder Christine Baranski has been in the business since the 1970s. I've been a huge fan of her work (I'm only 26 years old, lol) since in the 1990s sitcom, Cybill. The beginning scene of guessing game between Penny and Sheldon was fantastic. They have better chemistry than Leonard/Penny, but Shamy is better than Senny.

Poor Stuart had to be in between Amy and Sheldon because he did not want to go shopping with her. Instead, he wanted to be in line for a special movie premiere. Though he went back to his immature personality, I'm glad he stepped as a man to apologize to her for getting Stuart involved with his drama. She accepts his apology and they leave out of Penny's apartment together. Towards the end, karma comes back to haunt Sheldon later after he accuses another guy (Blake Anderson from Workaholics) of cutting in line, who later gets back at him for doing the same. Sheldon was very selfish towards her and he got what he deserved at the end by getting confronted by the line cutter and other patrons for his role getting in line (even though he technically did not because Stuart was saving his spot). It was awesome that Beverly and Penny worked their differences out. I loved how she showed a caring side towards her own son for once.