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The Big Bang Theory - The Fermentation Bifurcation - Review


This episode improved a lot from the previous one. I loved how there was a rare interaction between Sheldon and Bernadette this week. Their chemistry was fantastic just like in the Christmas episode last season. She was alone with him because she was not able to go wine tasting with the rest of the gang due to her pregnancy. It was awesome to see Penny's former lover, Zack again. I loved how he called out he called out Leonard's terrible judgement at making decisions. His character brings a lot of humor to the show whenever recurs. This episode reminded me of Season 7's "The Scavenger Vortex", where characters mixed up together (in other characters that normally would not interact with the other one as much). I still think the writers need to do a better with Raj's character and which female (Claire or Emily) he should decide to date. The love triangle is dragging down the season. Despite this, it was still a solid episode with Bernadette having fun with Sheldon despite his awkwardness.

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