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Supernatural - The Chitters - Review

Supernatural “The Chitters” was written by Nancy Won and directed by Eduardo Sanchez, whose other credits include From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and Intruders, so he clearly has a handle on horror. This was a solid enough monster of the week episode that will likely be remember more for introducing the first same sex married hunters. Given the shows past vilification over LGBT portrayals, I thought it was brave of them to go there, and the response appears to have been generally positive from the fanbase. It helps, of course, that the two guest actors gave solid performances: Lee Rumohr as Jessy and Hugo Ateo as Cesar.

The episode begins with a terrific flashback scene with a young Jessy (Valin Shinyei) going fishing with his brother Matty (Connor Stanhope). I adored this scene – up until Jessy loses Matty. What a terrific brother dynamic they set up in just a few minutes. Matty is completely accepting of Jessy and is his closest – and safest – confidante. The two are planning to run away to California where Jessy will have a better chance at acceptance. And then they set us up for the monster-of-the-week and how we are going to identify Matty when the time comes – that coin.

At the bunker, Dean is immersed in research – “Sleeping is the new smoking!” Oh Dean. He’s obsessed with rescuing Cas (Misha Collins), but as with all MOW episodes, we get a brief mention of the mytharc – and Cas in the previously montage – before focusing on the MOW. Dean is worried about Cas because Amara (Emily Swallow) is only concerned with the big guys. Cas won’t even register on Amara – she’ll kill him without even caring. Sam has found a hunt for them while they wait for something to break on the mytharc.

As usual, the local Sheriff (Kandyse McClure) is ready to write off the victim’s story – this time because she was on a cannibus tasting tour – and Dean takes great delight in describing it as a “tripping trip.” However, when Sam asks if anything like this has ever happened before, the Sheriff moves closer to them – nice use of blocking here! – and tells them of a 27 year cycle. The old timers’ explanation range from the town being built on an Indian burial ground – “Bugs” anyone? No? – to upset forest folk. But she doesn’t really take it seriously.

The brothers split up so Dean can interview Cori (Jaylee Hamidi) who tells him about the pale green-eyed, hairless monster – and junkless! – that took Libby (Lauren Overholt). She also tells Dean about the shivering and shaking – and the noise – a buzzing.

I’m betting the two favorite scenes for fans have to include Dean teasing Sam about trying pot at college. It’s another instance of this season reaching back to the roots of the show that fans fell in love with. And the second scene is Sam confessing to Dean that he used to worry about Dean and their dad not returning when they left him to go on a hunt. One small quibble – Sam might have been worried, but they didn’t know about Vamps until almost the end of season one, and they didn’t know about Rugarus until season four.

The brothers go to interview Etta (April Telek) about the disappearance of her husband 27 years ago. She thinks he ran off with a woman who went missing at the same time. Sam notices she’s burning white sage, and she tells them that she’s burning it for protection against the chitters – a burning lust that her Grandmother told her about. Which makes you wonder why she didn’t think that happened to her husband. The scene ends on a funny note as Etta clearly has the hots for Sam!

Easter egg? The white dog that passes the brothers on the way to the Impala is AD Kevin Parks’ dog!

Another victim (Julia Tortolano) comes in and tells about her boyfriend (Drew Tanner) being attacked and killed and witnessing an orgy. A bunch of townsfolk are now missing. Cori calls about seeing Libby in the woods, so Dean goes to investigate. He’s attacked and saved by Cesar and Jessy. Dean wants to know who they are – as if the layers, flannel, and machetes didn’t give it away! They’ve heard of the Winchesters.

The four hunters share a beer – and this took me back to “Bloodlust” and Gordon in season two – but with a much happier outcome here! Cesar tells them that they hunt mostly in Mexico with short runs into Texas – and of course, this is a nice nod to the fact that Ackles and Padalecki both live in Texas now when not shooting the show!

Jessy fills them in that they are hunting Bisaan – a kind of cicada-spirit. They come up every 27 years, mate like crazy and go dormant again. Jessy tells them that they killed his brother and ask them to take a step back. Cesar is annoyed that Jessy won’t talk to the townspeople, but Jessy still clearly harbors a lot of resentment towards them, and especially Sheriff Cochran (Andy Maton). Cesar reveals that he and Jessy are a couple, and it takes a minute for the penny to drop for Dean, but it isn’t judgmental. It’s just Dean – who also pursues the orgy question with the teenager for longer than he should… Cesar remarks that being with a hunter is just a bit stinky and you worry twice as much about being ganked. Both of which Dean and Sam can relate to! Dean and Cesar go to find the burrow and Sam and Jessy go to interview Cochran.

I loved the conversation between Dean and Cesar in the car. Cesar says that he’s never had a brother, but he’s seen hunters bent on revenge and even if they get it, they are never fixed. This entire scenario clearly resonates with Dean. He tells Cesar that regardless, he has to help Jessy get his revenge.

Jessy tells Sam the story of trying to find Matty, and finding him with green eyes – not human. He took off and never looked back. His mother fell apart and everyone thought a pervert took Matty. His mother never forgave him for not doing more. Jessy tells Sam that Matty was a great brother – something Sam can relate too as well.

We get some nice blue flashlights in the woods. Dean returns the favor of saving Cesar and they chase one of the creatures back to the burrow. Dean tries to call Sam, but there’s no service, so the two go to take care of the females who are laying their eggs.

Cochran claims not to remember anything about the case. Jessy is angry, and Sam pulls him back. As soon as Sam says that more people have gone missing, Cochran insists that it’s done. Sam asks again what he knows. Cochran says he never got over it and that’s why he became a recluse. Jessy makes one more appeal. Sam tells Cochran that they are hunters, they’ve seen the creatures.

Cochran admits that he found a creature in 1989 and followed it back to the burrow. He found his daughter there – he didn’t even know she was missing because she’d left for school. Sam remarks that he never reported his daughter as missing. Cochran points out that he knew where she was – and that he killed her when she attacked him. Jessy is beside himself that Cochran didn’t come forward to give all the other families peace of mind. Sam is also shocked that Cochran could just erase his daughter from his life. Cochran points them to the old mine.

In the mine, Dean finds Libby – she’s dead and about to give birth to a giant glowing worm. He’s attacked by one of the males while Cesar fights his own. They go back to the car to get gas to burn the mothers and are met by Jessy and Sam.

Jessy isn’t quite ready to finish them off until he finds his brother – and the lost coin. I can’t quite believe that they inserted a flashback scene of young Jessy looking at the coin. Did they honestly think we wouldn’t remember or wouldn’t realize these were the same person? It’s an artistic choice and underscores Jessy coming full circle, but it seemed unnecessary to me.

Dean and Sam watch Cesar and Jessy burn Matty’s bones. Dean suggests that they could use their help against Amara. Cesar reveals, however, that he and Jessy had a deal. If the hunt was successful, they’d retire. Jessy offers to stay in the game if Dean and Sam need help, but with now prompting, they say no.

The final scene is the two brothers, driving off in the Impala. Neither one was going to get in the way of two hunters who actually make it to the finish line. A happy ending. I adored the beautiful view of the Rockies we get as they drive off.

I thought this was a nice, solid MOW episode that included a lot of pretty well done fan service. It was nice as well to see them add a little more diversity to the hunting universe, and for me, it was well done. What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene? Line? Did you like Jessy and Cesar? Would you like to see more of them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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