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SpoilerTV Awards 2016 - Nominations Round (Over)

It's the time of the the year again; time for the SpoilerTV Awards, where SpoilerTV readers pick their favorite shows and actors from the last year in TV.

The first stage (as always) is the Nomination Round, which starts now and will last for three days. Here are the categories up for nomination:

  1. Favorite Network Comedy
  2. Favorite Network Drama
  3. Favorite Cable/Streaming Network Comedy
  4. Favorite Cable/Streaming Network Drama
  5. Favorite Crime Drama
  6. Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show
  7. Favorite New Comedy
  8. Favorite New Network Drama
  9. Favorite New Cable/Streaming Network Drama
  10. Favorite TV Comedy Actor
  11. Favorite TV Comedy Actress
  12. Favorite TV Drama Actor
  13. Favorite TV Drama Actress

Rules and Other Info:
- Nomination Round is open for three days, until Thursday, 26th May 12:30 PM GMT. After that, Voting Round will begin.
- You can nominate up to 5 shows/actors in each category. You may only nominate 1-2 shows/actors if you don't watch that many shows. You can also nominate as few or as many categories you are interested in. However, you will have to go through the whole form though, and click submit on the last page, even if you have nominated in a few categories.
- For new shows, shows that started airing before 15th May 2015 (day that the SpoilerTV Awards 2015 began) should not be nominated in the "Favorite New Show" categories. They can be in the other respective categories. Similarly, shows that finished airing before 15th May 2015 (as in cancelled, ended or haven't aired a new season since then) should not be nominated as well, and neither should the actors and actress from those shows be nominated.
- Nominate your favorites only once please. If you nominate a show/actor more than once in the same category then none of your nominations will be counted.
- Make sure you nominate your favorite in the correct category.
- Foreign shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who can be nominated in the cable categories.
- Only half hour shows are considered as comedies. Dramedies (comedy-dramas), which are hour long, should only be nominated in the drama categories.
- You can nominate a show in more than one categories if they are eligible for example, iZombie can be nominated in both Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Crime Drama categories.
- Please make sure that you spell the name of the show or actor names correctly. Incorrect names may get ignored by us when we are counting the nominations
- DO NOT use acronyms for show title. For example, do not use TBBT instead The Big Bang Theory.
- Top 5 from each category will make it to the voting round. This maybe increased if the numbers are really close.

Nominate your favorites below
Anyone attempting to nominate multiple times will have all their entries removed. Just fill the form out once.

Feel free to share your nominees in the comments, if you want to. Also, don't forget to share this on social media. And if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.
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