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Scene Of The Week - May 29, 2016 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

CROWDED, "Come Back", May 22, 2016, Actors: Patrick Warburton, Stacy Keach
The Scene: Bob talks to Mike about his mom
A Dahne:
Bob talks to Mike about his mom and tells Mike that he loves him.

GAME OF THRONES, "The Door", May 22, 2016, Actors: Kristian Nairn, Isaac Hempstead Wright and more, The Scene: Hold the door
Justyna K:
In the show's six seasons there were a lot of deaths. Brutal. Emotional. Heartbreaking. Shocking. Even the deaths fans were waiting and rooting for. But this ending... This might just be one of the most tragic, heroic and powerful death scenes the show has ever done. And it all started so differently. After finding out the truth about White Walkers, Bran decides to learn more on his own and inadvertently brings the Night King and his army right to the cave where everyone's hiding. It doesn't take long to realize they don't stand a chance against the army of the dead and Bran's friends start losing the fight - the Children of the Forest and Summer first. Summer - one of my two favorite direwolves! It already makes this moment painfully tragic. However, it's the Three-eyed raven's final lesson that hurts the most (he really should have told Bran how their travels through time work!). He takes Bran back to a memory in Winterfell, with young Wyllis there, just as young Stark has to take over Hodor's mind to get himself and Meera out of the danger. With Bran both in the past and present, his control over Hodor also extends to young Wyllis who collapses and keeps repeating Meera's request to "hold the door" to keep the White Walkers and their army from getting to them. After even Three-eyed raven dies, Bran still remains between time and realizes the truth about Hodor. As the words "hold the door, hold the door, hold door, Hodor" echo in the past, it's heartbreaking to see Bran's painful reaction and to witness Hodor's (and Wyllis) final moments. Here ends the devastating story of a kind and genuinely good man who protected Bran over the years and died saving his life. He held the door... One by one all of Bran's original companions are dying, first Jojen, then Shaggydog and Osha, and now Summer and Hodor. I keep thinking, is it time to accept that Rickon's almost gone too? The realization of the close and strong connection between past and present and how they still impact each other is powerful enough but the emotional goodbye to the beloved characters makes this one an easy choice for the Scene of the Week. Nothing's ever going to be quite the same anymore. Kudos for such a memorable moment to all the brilliant actors and crew involved! You were incredible!
Darth Locke: Closed Casualty Loop. I always suspected that Game of Thrones was in some kind of predetermined universe with cycle cosmology, but never did I expect to see evidence in the form of such a heartbreaking paradox! At the moment, it seems the casualty loop is closed, which also was emphasized with ideas presented from both The Kindly Man (death doesn't discriminate and servants don't ask questions) and another R'hollr Priestess stating that people make mistakes, but regardless everyone has a purpose and role to play. But the idea of such quantum entanglement with time travel aspects also adds another interesting layer onto this epic story, in which many more theories can now be spawned regarding the history (perhaps in the future and not just the past) of Westoros! As sad as Hodor's death was, it was also exciting to make leaps with the mythology all through out the episode!!

NASHVILLE, "Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday", May 25, 2016, Actors: Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson, The Scene: Juliette and Avery talk on the phone
Klutzy girl:
Juliette and Avery talk on the phone and have an honest conversation after she comes clean about Jeff's death. I'm glad they're seemingly working through their issues and are on the verge of reconciling.

ORPHAN BLACK, "The Antisocialism of Sex", May 26, 2016, Actor: Tatiana Maslany, The Scene: Rachel falls down the stairs
Darth Locke:
Rachel falls down the stairs and hits her head, only to awaken with a digital image of swan sitting in front of her! Rachel's character development has finally hit a nice turning point this season due to an interesting dynamic with Susan Duncan, Ira, and Charlotte, but this episode went out of it's way to introduce the victorian founder of Neolution--Well, at least on on paper, including the residence at which they reside and possibly a kind of "Leda and Swan" based manifesto. In some ways I am reminded of Alias with a visionary from the past with metaphysical abilities to see and create devices for the future! Could of this founder have had cloning or digital technology much earlier than human history dictates? Could of his essence or consciousness been preserved for Rachel and Leda to find? Does Dizzy and MK play a role in this digital tech? Or could it be a trap??? Who knows, but I find the prospects and the timing of the introduction of these things fun to think about!!! Also the concept of the Digital Swan was neat writing, because it so nicely juxtaposed both Helena's illumination of Pupock and Castors' weird neurological "glitches"!!!!

PENNY DREADFUL, "A Blade of Grass", May 22, 2016, Actors: Eva Green, Rory Kinnear, The Scene: Possessed John tempts Vanessa
Diana Mack:
The whole episode was simply amazing, one of the best in the series so far in my opinion. Eva Green is fantastic, I don't have any word to describe her performance anymore. So it's kinda hard to pick a scene. I'd say the moment when John (Caliban now) is possessed by Lucifer and tempts her, telling he loves her and wants to be with Vanessa in order to take God's kingdom down. Then Lucifer's brother appears: it's Dracula, who is actually the entity who's been haunting Vanessa since forever. He wants her body, not her soul (like Lucifer demands instead). The whole episode was a reflection of Good and Evil, Faith, God, mistery. Simply amazing. This season Penny Dreadful is getting better in every episode.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "QSO", May 24, 2016, Actors: Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, The Scene: Root gets a message to Shaw
Aimee Hicks:
Thanks to Samaritans attempted brain manipulations on Shaw we know exactly how Shaw feels about Root. Of everyone she left behind it is the thought of reuniting with Root that has kept her going and kept her striving to survive Samaritan with her brain intact. That is easier said than done given the extreme lengths Samaritan is willing to go to turn Shaw against her team. As was shown in the simulation Shaw would rather kill herself than do anything to harm Root. When the opportunity presented itself Shaw was prepared to do just that in real life to prevent even the potential of her hurting Root or any other member of the team not to mention to find a permanent escape from the torture being inflicted on her. Thankfully Shaw has learned how to understand and interpret cryptic messages and Root picked the perfect one to send out. “Four Alarm Fire” is what Shaw predicted a union between them would be like and she wasn’t far off based off of their simulated union. The message was enough to give Shaw the strength and willpower to keep fighting because she knew the woman she loves was out there and indeed still trying to find her. Shaw was no longer alone and that was all she needed to make the decision to let the torture go on just a bit longer with the anticipation of freedom on the horizon. Shaw knows Root and she knows Root will never stop looking for her, as she correctly imagined in her simulations, so even if Shaw couldn’t find a way out she knew one day Root would find her and that was enough for her. Sarah beautifully portrayed Shaw’s wild eyed desperation as she obtained the needle she needed to end her own life then stared it down as she briefly contemplated what she was about to do. On the opposite side of that she allowed Shaw to visibly relax after she realized Root had just reached out to her. For Amy’s part she showed how desperate Root was for Shaw to get her message. More than anything Root wants to lay eyes on Shaw again and is willing to do anything to ensure that happens. It was beautifully played by both actresses and a great moment for the evolution of this couple.

STITCHERS, "All In", May 24, 2016, Actors: Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, The Scene: Cameron pleads with Kirsten to bounce out of the stitch
Aimee Hicks:
Cameron desperately pleads with Kirsten to bounce out of the stitch and return to her real family. Kirsten found a place in her own brain that for her was an unimaginable utopia. Everything she thought she wanted was right in that memory. While she was content to stay in that memory forever and just live in ignorant bliss her friends weren’t willing to let her give up. Each of them loves her and cares about her and each of them was willing to do whatever it took to reach her and bring her home. It was Cameron who realized he could actually talk to her and he pulled out all the stops to ensure she heard him. He poured out his heart to her and did his best to remind her of all the people that love her in the real world and that want her back with them. It was a passionate piece of acting by Kyle and he gave life to Cameron’s complicated feelings for Kirsten. Emma did an equally brilliant job showing how divided Kirsten was but also how desperate she was to remain in a place where she could be happy and free of all the pain and drama that has been surrounding her lately. This was a powerful scene that both Emma and Kyle brilliantly delivered. Hopefully the show will get renewed for a much deserved Season 3 so that this emotional heartbreaking cliffhanger can be resolved.

SUPERNATURAL, "Alpha and Omega", May 25, 2016, Actors: Samantha Smith, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, The Scenes: Mary's return & Dean and Sam say goodbye
Justyna K:
Of all the possible ways I imagined this season could end, I don't think I'd ever guess what happens in the final scene. Mary Winchester is alive. She's actually back. After so many years of heartbreak and loss, Sam and Dean's mom has returned to them. Dean's reaction at the end says it all. I just wish Sam could be there as well! Would have made this surprise even better. To be honest, knowing the show pretty well after all these seasons, I don't expect there to be a happy resolution of this resurrection. I just can't imagine Sam and Dean hunting with their mom or her staying behind always worried about her sons. It simply wouldn't work, as much as I would like it to. It feels like "What is and What should never be" all over again. I do love that episode though... And for now, I'm choosing not to see the bad side of this twist, instead I'm just gonna celebrate the fact that for the first time since forever the Winchesters have their mom with them. And for all the tragic things to come, this beautiful heartwarming reunion will always be there too. I'm really just excited to see how will this story evolve and what kind of relationship between Mary and her kids we'll see in season 12 (!). The show may have its ups and downs but it's such a refreshing and exciting news that after all these years, the series can still suprise its fans like that. Kudos to the cast & crew! Can't wait for what's next!
Klutzy girl: Mary's resurrection. This was not something I saw coming and I'm so looking forward to seeing what the show does with her after this.
A Dahne: Dean hands Sam the keys to Baby and they hug goodbye.

THE AMERICANS, "Dinner for Seven", May 25, 2016, Actors: Keri Russell and more
The Scene: Elizabeth listens to the voicemail from her friend
Elizabeth listens to the voicemail from her friend whose husband she drugged and tricked into beliving he slept with her. 

THE FLASH, "The Race of His Life", May 24, 2016, Actors: Grant Gustin, Michelle Harrison, The Scene: Barry saves his mom
Justyna K:
Oh, Barry... It seemed like the past two seasons were leading Barry towards accepting his mom's death and the fact that he can't always save everyone. Especially after his recent meeting with Speed Force. Yet despite all that, in the final scene of the season, heartbroken Barry chooses to go back in time and changes everything by saving Nora Allen. This single decision means erasing everything that happened on the show so far. And while I thought it was improbable to break time like that after season one, it's almost impossible to imagine now. Almost, as it kind of reminds me of Fringe season three ending. The potential and impact of Barry's choice is quite limitless at this point (Flashpoint!). I love that it gives some characters a chance to come back and let's the show build new relationships and dynamics between its heroes. But I can't help but feel like somehow it will end up getting reversed. By a paradox, another time travel or something completely different. One thing's certain though, great story awaits in season 3. I can't wait to see it. Kudos to cast & crew for another fantastic season!
Diana Mack: In the final scene of the season finale, Barry leaves his friends and decides to come back in the past at the night his mom got killed to prevent her death. He stops the Reverse Flash and saves his mom. This action will have a lot of consequences in season 3, I'm pretty sure we'll see the Flashpoint and I can't wait for it!

THE MUSKETEERS, "Spoils of War", May 28, 2016, Actors: Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles
The Scene: Porthos and Aramis blow up wagon of gunpowder
I liked the fact that the two former best friends took some time to reconnect after their time apart during the war, and this was a perfect mission for the two of them to find their way back to each other.

THE REAL O'NEALS, "The Real Prom", May 24, 2016, Actors: Noah Galvin, Jake McLean, The Scene: Kenny and Sebastian share a kiss
Laura Markus:
Kenny and Sebastian share a kiss, and Kenny tells Jimmy and Eileen about it after. We waited all season for Kenny to kiss a boy, and we got to see him do it, at prom no less. Granted, it was a bit underwhelming for him, and he ended up getting punched for it later on, but this felt so earned. He was still so happy to have this experience, and so were we as an audience. Following Kenny's journey so far has been so rewarding, and this is also thanks to the support of his parents and siblings. The kiss in itself was great to see, but the reactions after of an excited Jimmy and a supportive Eileen were even better. Eileen is really coming around to accept her son, and it has been very gratifying to see this. I only hope that Season 2 brings us some consistency with a love interest for Kenny and more support from all of his loved ones to follow.

WAYWARD PINES, "Enemy Lines", May 25, 2016, Actors: Carla Gugino, Hope Davis
The Scene: Kate's death
Darth Locke:
Kate slits her own throat and dies draped over Megan. Glad to have Wayward Pines back, but was definitely not expecting Kate to make it, only to kill herself to spite and undermine Megan after being cornered in a hospital room!

WYNONNA EARP, "Bury Me With My Guns On", May 27, 2016, Actors: Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, The Scene: Waverly tells Nicole how she feels
Aimee Hicks:
Waverly accepts her feelings for Nicole and lets Nicole know how she feels. From the moment Waverly entered the police station it was quite obvious she was a woman on a mission. She wanted Nicole and was prepared to fight all of her fears for a chance at true love with a person who supports and cares for her. From the moment these two met Nicole has always put Waverly first and that is something Waverly has never had before in her life. The car scene earlier in the episode set it up so that Waverly was going to have to make the first move. Waverly, thanks to a final push from Gus, made that move and tackled her fears by going after Nicole with fierce determination. I love that this scene played as tender and very real to life as the show tackled those terrifying first moments when a relationship starts. Waverly’s speech to Nicole about facing her fear was beautifully written and Dominique delivered a perfect performance as Waverly tried to explain the complicated feelings she’s been dealing with. Waverly is afraid, but in the best possibly way, because to love Nicole is to open herself up to a real true compassionate love for the first time and in real life that can be a terrifying thing and I think Dominique perfectly captured the raw emotions Waverly was feeling. It was nice that the scene started with Waverly in control of the encounter and ended with Nicole taking charge. The switch showed how hard Nicole had been working to keep herself in check around Waverly and the moment she had Waverly’s blessing to proceed with more she flipped them over and took control as she guided her new love through their first intimate encounter. Katherine didn’t have much dialogue but what she did with her eyes and smile really helped the audience understand Nicole’s feelings for Waverly. The actresses have a great chemistry together and thankfully neither seems to have a problem being touchy feely with the other because their hands were all over each other in this scene. The kissing from both was rapid fire at first but that played perfectly for the desperation each character was feeling for the other. They couldn’t get enough of one another but Nicole understood the significance of the moment and paused their kissing and took a quick second to take in the fact that she finally had won over the girl her heart had been longing for. I like that the show made this a slow burn build up because it made this moment all the more impactful and meaningful for this couple. In my three decades of television watching I’ve watched a lot of characters start relationships and I must say that this was one of the very best coming together romantic encounter scenes I’ve watched. Now if both characters survive the season and SyFy deservedly gives this show another season this couple has real potential. A brilliant scene beautifully acted by two very talented actresses.

Justyna JJ Kubica
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