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Scene Of The Week - May 1, 2016 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "Primary", April 25, 2016, Actors: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and more, The Scenes: The time change & Cassie and Cole talk at the end
Justyna K:
In case you haven't seen the show yet, I highly recommend it! So glad I caught up with it after season one ended. It's brilliant. And this episode had it all. There were so many scenes I enjoyed in this hour but eventually had to go with the time changing around Jones after Cole and Cassie destroy the virus. After so many lost battles the duo officially altered the history. And yes, it may not be enough as the plague still started, just a couple years later but for once, it actually feels like they have a real chance to change their fate. For now, thousands of lives were saved and made this new future a better place. And there's so many things that could have been altered, the potential of the story is something I can't wait to see. Loved the montage of the time shifting around Jones, it was so beautifully done. And I'm glad that our heroes are aware of what they've done. It really puts everything in a new perspective. As Cole pointed out in the end, after all the deaths, the people he killed, it was such a great and hopeful fact that it's saving a life that finally made the difference. Cole and Jennifer have a fascinating friendship/bond and I enjoyed all their scenes, especially seeing their result - the purpose Jennifer searched for. Hope to see more of her interactions with the rest of the characters in the future episodes. Kudos to cast & crew for a wonderful scene and episode!
Darth Locke: Time alters around Jones. This show is so neat, because it is not afraid to show all of the science fiction-ish temporal effects that many novels, films, and other Tv series has shown one way or another, but just seeing everything move around Jones as she come to find herself in an alternate 2044 was just neat to watch, let alone the juxtaposition to knowing with Jennifer that time moves or shifts in her memories of times!
Aimee Hicks: Cassie and Cole talk at the end about what they are each willing to do to stop the virus. Cassie has been fundamentally changed by her time in 2044 and Cole has been fundamentally changed by his time in 2016. Each character has changed and evolved and some could say they’ve even changed places since last season and perhaps they have. The truth is they are very different people now and that is what is making this season very intriguing so far. I have been very impressed with the way Amanda and Aaron are showing the evolution of both of their characters. Amanda in particular is doing a phenomenal job, especially in this scene, showing how changed Cassie is now from before. Through Amanda’s performance it’s blatantly obvious how cold and calculated Cassie has become in her actions yet under it all the good hearted Dr. Railly remains and occasionally shines through. This scene was about Cassie trying to make Cole be the man he once was while Cole is trying to make Cassie remember the woman she once was. The truly heartbreaking thing is neither character can go back to who they were which means they must now both learn how to accept the other as they are. A duo that used to be united now stands divided and that will make the mission next week all the more interesting to watch. At one time I wouldn’t have worried about their ability to work together, but now all bets are off. This was a great scene between these two characters and acting perfection by Amanda and Aaron.

2 BROKE GIRLS, "And the Partnership Hits the Fan", April 28, 2016, Actors: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs and more, The Scene: Sophie asks Max and Caroline to be the godparents of her baby (picked by Samantha Benjamin)

ARROW, "Canary Cry", April 27, 2016, Actors: Paul Blackthorne, Stephen Amell, Katrina Law, The Scenes: Quentin breaks down & Nyssa tells Quentin she can't resurrect Laurel
Justyna K:
To be honest, I'm not exactly caught up with the show but had to watch this one particular scene and it was exactly what I hoped for. Paul Blackthorne already proved he's one of the most impressive actors in the cast many times before and now once again breaks our hearts with the performance of the grieving father. The saddest part? It's nothing new for Quentin. He already lost Sara twice, not to mention all the times she had to leave town, so after Laurel's death, instead of dealing with his pain, he stayed completely in denial, looking for a way for her to come back. And when Oliver finally has to make him realize the truth, that Laurel's gone for good, he completely falls apart. "She's always been there. She's my rock. She was my rock." In just a couple of minutes, Lance's world collapsed and it's impossible not to feel for the guy. His bond with his daughters was always one of my favorite things on the show and now it's almost completely gone (with Sara on LoT). These are dark times ahead for Lance and I just hope he will do his best to honor his beloved daughter and keep fighting. Kudos to the writers and Paul Blackthorne for this powerful moment!
Samantha Benjamin: Nyssa tells Quentin she can't resurrect Laurel as she destroyed the Lazarus Pit.

BANSHEE, "A Little Late to Grow a Pair", April 29, 2016, Actors: Antony Starr, Hoon Lee, Chris Coy and more, The Scenes: Hood apologises to Job & Calvin kills Watts
Samantha Benjamin:
Hood tells Job he gave up on him and apologises.
Bradley Adams: Calvin kills Watts.

BATES MOTEL, "There's No Place Like Home", April 25, 2016, Actors: Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Damon Gupton, The Scenes: Norman admits he’s scared to Dr. Edwards & Norman begs Norma to let him come home
Alexandra Stillwell:
This entire season of Bates Motel has more then surpassed my exceptions and that’s hard to do when you already believe this show is one of the best on television. One aspect of this show that I know doesn’t get nearly enough recognition is the immensely talented cast. Freddie Highmore has done an impeccable job week after week delivering the very complicated emotions of Norman Bates. For example, this week at the beginning of the episode I was completely fearful of him and not very sympathetic as he went through the motions of being released out of Pineview. Then we have that confusion with Dr. Edwards and I couldn’t help but root for Norman. I found myself hoping that he truly could get better and do so at home, even though we all have the thought of the inevitable dooming fate in our minds. Freddie is so incredible that you can’t help but love him in his deliciously dark role. 
DarkUFO: Norman begs Norma to let him come home.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, "Ouroboros", April 24, 2016
The Scene: The young daughter turns into a zombie and kills her mother (picked by DarkUFO)

GAME OF THRONES, "The Red Woman", April 24, 2016, Actors: Gwendoline Christie, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey and more, The Scenes: Brienne and Podrick save Sansa and Theon & Jaime tells Cersei that they will take back what is theirs
Darth Locke:
Brienne and Podrick come to save Sansa and Theon. It was certainly a tossup between this scene and the final scene of the episode, but considering how rare it is to see more hopeful and inspiring scenes in this series, I felt very compelled with happiness to see something work out, even if it's temporary.
Kollin Lore: This has been building up for a full season and when it finally happened in this first episode of season 6 it was absolutely glorious.
Bradley Adams: Jaime tells Cersei that they will take back what is theirs.

LIMITLESS, "Finale: Part Two!!", April 26, 2016, Actors: Jake McDorman, Ron Rifkin, Georgina Haig and more, The Scenes: Brian talks to his father & Brian and Piper reunite & The ending
Justyna K:
What a wonderful season this has been. And such a great finale. I already miss the show and I truly hope it will be back for many more episodes... In this hour there were two scenes that stood out the most for me. Let me start with a few words about the first one, already in the article, Piper and Brian's reunion. I love happy endings and I liked these two together so I'm glad to see they got their moment before Piper had to leave again. But the most important part - Brian is now officially immune to NZT side effects, for good. I wanted this to happen and it's a great new start for him. Like Piper said, if there's one person who deserves and knows how to best use the drug, it's Brian. Which leads me to my choice for scene of the week - Brian's conversation with his dad. Their relationship had its ups and downs but when things got worse and Finch thought he might die he wanted his father to know why he chose to take NZT in the first place. All he wanted to do was to help people. That's what it's always been about. It's such a quiet moment, in the middle of the action, yet it truly shows what kind of person Brian is, a good man, loving son, friend and a real hero of the story. Beautiful performance by Jake McDorman and Ron Rifkin. Kudos to the cast & crew for their incredible work on the series! It's been amazing. Now to the season two, please and thank you.
Laura Markus: Brian interviews several familiar faces for his new squad. This was the best scene of the entire year, and of the entire show. I didn't think it was possible to craft a better scene than that Bruntouchables montage from the end of Headquarters! but they pulled it off in spades. So many throwbacks and familiar faces, this scene really floored me. I love the idea of Brian having his own squad and interviewing so many cool people for it. Boyle, Rebecca, Mundt, Andrea Who Knows Things, Spike, the lady from the Pilot who's a CEO thanks to some help from Brian, Lucy Church, Stavros, James Tech, and Jason and DARRYL were all asked to join. Perhaps the best part of this entire scene was them ending the scene, the episode, and the season on Mike revealing his name to be Darryl. It really does suit him, and I'm so pleased they chose to do this. The two of them have been waiting for the promotion they deserve all year long, and they finally got it. The acting, the music, the directing, everything came together in this moment and it was perfection. CBS really should renew this show, if not only to let us see this dream squad and their Squad Goals go to work.
Kollin Lore: Brian and Piper reunite. The scene was admittedly a little too fairytale happyish, but I have a crush on actress Georgina Haig and I couldn't help my delight at seeing that her character survived.

LUCIFER, "Take Me Back to Hell", April 25, 2016, Actors: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Rankin and more, The Scenes: Chloe is reunited with Trixie & Lucifer gets back from hell and Chloe shoots Malcolm
Aimee Hicks:
Chloe is reunited with Trixie as Malcolm holds a gun on them. This scene was heartbreaking especially for Chloe as she fully understands the stakes of the situation they are in. She loves her daughter and will do absolutely anything for her and in this moment she was willing to sacrifice herself to give her daughter a fighting chance. Lauren was phenomenal as she showed Chloe’s struggle to try and hold it together for her daughter while being scared for them both. She’s a strong and independent woman, but her daughter means the world to her and to lose her would have broken Chloe in a way she could have never recovered from. The hug they shared and how tightly they clung to one another showed how connected mother and daughter are. They both need each other yet its Chloe’s duty to protect her daughter so she had to send her to hide knowing full well they may never see each other again. Scarlett is a talented young actress who steals almost any scene she is in and Lauren is a powerhouse actress who can tackle any challenge thrown at her which allowed them to produce a scene where you don’t see two actresses acting but instead all you see is a mother and daughter desperate to be reunited. It was a beautiful example of pure motherly love for her child and beautifully executed by both actresses. Almost every scene in this episode was worthy of being a scene of the week pick but I keep coming back to this one so for me it’s the one that stood out the most in a stellar season finale.
Laura Markus: Obviously this scene was further supported by the later reveal that the person who escaped hell was 'Mum', but this scene had it all. The tension, thinking Lucifer could really be back in hell for good, the wondering of what Chloe would do and react, and Malcolm being a twerp in general. But when Lucifer gets another chance, he does not waste it. He gets his "full devil" face on again and is ready to chase down Malcolm. Malcolm thinks he still has the "get out of hell free" coin, but Lucifer used it and it gets burnt. Right as he's about to kill Malcolm, Chloe comes from behind him and shoots him several times. I thought that was a great choice, and this finale was very satisfying.

OUTLANDER, "La Dame Blanche", April 30, 2016, Actors: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, The Scene: Claire tells Jamie that Jack Randall's alive
Darth Locke:
Claire reveals Jack Randall lived to Jamie, and Jamie is surprisingly delighted. Since I have not read the novels, I don't ever really know what to expect, but Jamie's reaction, although later a bit problematic, was hilarious considering the build up of dread the previous episodes led viewers to believe would be his reaction. It was one of the lighter moments in the episode, which really had a lot of both comical and equally horrific moments.

SCANDAL, "Buckle Up", April 28, 2016, Actors: Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young
The Scene: Mellie and Fitz's conversation about Liv
Klutzy girl:
Mellie and Olivia have come a long way since season one, and it's fantastic that she's worried about her friend and is trying to help.

THE 100, "Join or Die", April 28, 2016, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley
The Scene: Clarke talks to Bellamy about forgiving himself
Jimmy Ryan:
Clarke talks to Bellamy about forgiving himself for the mistakes he had made when supporting Chancellor Pike.

THE AMERICANS, "Travel Agents", April 27, 2016, Actors: Matthew Rhys, Alison Wright
The Scenes: Philip tells Martha she can never go back home & Martha's phone call to her parents
Philip tells Martha she can never go back home.
Bradley Adams: Martha's phone call to her parents.

THE REAL O'NEALS, "The Real Wedding", April 26, 2016, Actors: Noah Galvin, Martha Plimpton, The Scene: Kenny and Eileen reconcile
Laura Markus:
It was an odd episode and Eileen got a little too used to seeing Kenny almost marry a woman. But at the end, they both realized that she needs to get used to the idea of him marrying a man later on. They crack some jokes; it was an adorable ending to that episode. The relationship between Kenny and his mom is one of the most fascinating on the show, and this episode proved it once again.

WYNONNA EARP, "Diggin'Up Bones", April 29, Actors: Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, The Scene: Waverly and Wynonna talk after Wynonna’s nightmare
Aimee Hicks:
After all the sisters went through last week it was nice to see Waverly still sticking by her sister. They have issues they still need to work through but they will always have each other’s backs. It’s not a perfect relationship but it is one built on loving one another and the desire to protect each other no matter what. Wynonna may be the heir, but Waverly will always try and protect her big sister just as much as Wynonna tries to protect her. Each sister bares the pain of all they’ve lost and even though Waverly remembers less that doesn’t make the pain any less. It is the beautiful synergy between Melanie and Dominique that makes every emotion in this relationship seem real. These actresses have this natural ease together that makes it so easy to imagine them as sisters. In this scene there is a moment where Waverly gently touches Wynonna’s leg and looks away with this pained expression. Dominique nailed this moment as all of Waverly’s conflicting emotions played out across her face. Waverly is struggling with not being the heir and not being able to contribute more to the fight yet that touch of the leg shows how desperately she is trying to hold onto Wynonna. She can see her big sister is struggling and in a dark place and no matter her own feelings she knows she has to help support Wynonna. Neither sister has it easy right now and this scene is a key example of their struggle, but this struggle is what makes this relationship work for the tone of the series. I was very impressed by Melanie and Dominique in this scene and their connection and the emotional tone of the scene mixed with some beautiful cinematography made it a stand out scene for me.

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