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Penny Dreadful – Good and Evil Braided Be – Advance Preview

Season three is proving to be more impressive with each new episode. It’s as if we’re unwrapping a birthday present; with each layer of tissue paper unfolded, the goal becomes clearer and begins to take shape. I continue to be impressed by how well this show is keeping all of these separate plates spinning this season. No story line felt neglected this week, though some adventures, such as Ethan’s and Vanessa’s got a bit more attention. One of my criticisms of Penny Dreadful’s first season was that it felt as though it was “spinning its wheels” so to speak, that the plot would halt for episodes on end. Season two definitely did not have this problem, though all our characters were together for the most part and working in tandem. Season three is impressive that the plot, while not rocketing along, is moving in about five separate directions and yet still proves to captivate the audience.

Fate is tempted by a number of our protagonists in “Good and Evil Braided Be”. Everyone seems to be testing their boundaries, of how far they can push situations and interactions. Some without favorable results. “Good and Evil Braided Be” is a perfect example of the phrase “and so the plot thickens…” With every push our characters make toward their goals, those goals become less obscured. And as the boundaries are tested, one can sense power and control shifting in each story, even if the players involved can’t.

As I said before, Ethan’s plot is one that takes more of a center stage this week and it seems that he and Sir Malcolm will be the first of our protagonists to reunite. Vanessa’s story delves back into events from season one, showing that Penny Dreadful has not neglected its history. I’m eager to see the general audience reaction to her scenes as they are particularly potent in this episode.

The special effects used to translate the unnatural or intangible on Penny Dreadful stood out this week. Both in positive and negative applications, they are like icing on a cake, helping to tell the story and instill feelings of dread or nostalgia in the viewer. Even the sun-scorched American West is less friendly when presented on this show. There are a few scenes that caused me to remark, “well I never thought I’d see that on television” so be prepared.

Answers are clearly coming, the audience isn’t being toyed with. Penny Dreadful is presenting a true mystery this season as the episodes creep along. We aren’t wholly comfortable as every time it appears something is predictable, a new curve is thrown at the audience. I am warming up to the villainous Dr. Sweet and his role this season and remain baffled by Dr. Seward. I enjoy begin caught off guard and growing tense as scenes play out, not knowing if I should prepare myself for a jump scare or a heartbreaking moment. I will say this season is more on the gory side than the creepy and I’m not sure if that appeals to me since I was so enamored with the hovering threat the witches presented in season two. “Good and Evil Braided Be” has fully ensnared me, solidifying my interest in this season because I have to know now what happens next.

Tune in this Sunday for “Good and Evil Braided Be”!

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