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New NBC Shows 2016-17 - Episode Orders Revealed *Updated*

Thanks to splendidtom for the heads up.
The Good Place - Limited to 13 Episode per Season

NBC gave The Good Place a straight-to-series order, skipping the traditional pilot process. The network also committed to a 13-episode season, with no plans for a back-nine order — the sort of limited run typically reserved for expensive, producer-driven dramas such as Fox’s “Empire,” in which the creative demands outweigh the economic appetite for more TV at all times. The deal helped the show nab stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, two of pilot season’s top gets.


Thanks to iZombie_Fan for he heads up.

Emerald City: 10
Taken: 10
The Blacklist: Redemption: 8
Chicago Justice: 13
Timeless: 13
Midnight, Texas: 13

The Good Place: 13
Great News: 13
Powerless: 13
Trial & Error: 13
Marlon: 10

Source: deadline