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New Girl - Episode 5.19 - Review: "Dress"

New Girl - Episode 5.19 - Review: "Dress"

On this, the last four episodes of New Girl, Jess takes it upon herself to hem and fix Cece's wedding and rally Schmidt to the cause while Ally and Winston try to figure out how to handle their relationship and Nick tries to ask Raegan to the wedding. "Cece...send the text." "God, that voice gave me goose flesh." Schmidt turning the bathroom at his office into his wedding planning station was damn near amazing and if I ever wanted to get married, I would hope to be as cool with planning like that. The only problem is that Schmidt stopped completing the assignments associated with his job so he too was under the wire. It was a pretty solid setup and I'm glad to see it hit certain beats, however cliché, along the way.

"Have you seen a girl walking around, she looks like the drawing of your best friend at age 8." Between Schmidt posing as a girl to Reagan, Schmidt trying to cover at work with Jess so she can work on the dress, and Winston and Ally; the gangs' hands were full. " I get it, Winston is hot as hell." This episode was chock full of great one-liners and I'm glad to see Winston and Ally make a different decision then play along with them not hooking up. Clichés are okay to edge around once and a while, but I rather see something different even if it ends up negatively affecting the characters. Hence, Schmidt getting fired as his boss walked into the men's bathroom while her kids were running around.

Nick finally manning up and texting Reagan was a good move, sad that she can't attend, but we as the audience know Megan Fox is coming back so there is hope on the horizon for Nick Miller. I will say that the first half of this season definitely benefited from having her and now that the end game is near, it's crazy that the middle section of episodes this season were just a little lacking in classic fashion. I was happy with the ending of the episode and Cece's dress as well as Schmidt keeping his job. Cliché, but acceptable. Finally, I try not to spoil myself for future episodes, but the penultimate episode of season 5 will find Jess and the gang playing "True American!" From that alone, I am pumped as the season begins to wind down on a high note.

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