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Legends of Tomorrow - Season 2 - [Spoiler] Exits & Post Mortem Interviews *Updated*

Thanks to tsukikomew for the heads up on the EW Interview.

Patrick J. Adams’ mysterious DC Comics character was revealed to be Hourman, who crash-landed in another version of the Waverider. This version of Hourman is Rex Tyler. In the comics, Rex discovered a drug that basically gave him superhuman powers for one hour at a time.

“He’s not just Hourman, he announces himself as a member of the Justice Society of America,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells EW. “We’re planting a big flag that season 2 of Legends will not only feature the Legends of Tomorrow, but also the JSA.”

"God bless both the studio and the network. They've never said, 'This is too big. You can't do it,'" Guggenheim says. "They have often said, 'Jeez, this is so big, how are you going to do it?' They say that a lot. They're always asking us how the hell we're going to pull something off. Inevitably, our answer is, 'We literally have no idea. But we'll figure out a way.'"

The introduction of Hourman and the JSA won't be the only reason Legends of Tomorrow will look different in season two. Along with some casting shakeups, the elimination of the Time Council and the set timeline takes away a huge part of the story and the rules that were established all season long.

"One of the other big things we've done in the season finale is we planted another flag in the form of Rip's [Arthur Darvil] statement. Because the Time Masters are essentially gone and the Legends have destroyed the Oculus, that all means that someone else has to do the job of the Time Masters," Guggenheim says. "Our Legends take that on as their new responsibility. It's sort of like, you break it, you buy it."

"That's really exciting to us, that our team of Legends, our misfits, are going to be responsible for the preservation of the timeline and protection of history," he adds. "As we've seen, our team, our guys are not always the most responsible people around so maybe time has got some new troubles. But it will provide a lot of fodder, a lot of fun story for season two."

While immortal tyrant Vandal Savage's (Casper Crump) story was definitively concluded in the season one finale, Guggenheim warns that season two's big villain is going to raise the stakes for the Legends team.

"The season two big bad is actually not going to be the [alien race of] Thanagarians," Guggenheim says. "It's going to be something else entirely. All I'll really say about the nemesis in season two is Vandal Savage looks like a walk in the park compared to what the Legends will be facing. This will be a much, much bigger threat. I'm going to leave it at that because when we do reveal it, it's going to be pretty big. People will be asking, 'Vandal who?' once they get the full picture of what our team is up against. It's going to be way bigger than what you can even imagine, I can guarantee it."

Legends co-creator/executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that he and the series’ other writers did not know that RenĂ©e and Hentschel would not have a significant presence in Season 2 until they got together to think about next season.

“We went through the team, made a list of all the characters and started to think of stories for them. When we got to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, we had trouble coming up with stories. The bow was tied so tightly and neatly with their story in the finale, that everything we thought of felt very forced. After 4000 years, they were no longer under the specter of Vandal, and we felt they need some time off. Bringing them back to the team as soon as the the beginning of Season 2 fedc-hawkgirllt premature.”

The idea behind Legends always was to have a rotating team of characters, Guggenheim said. “We have a very organic system in place to take a break form characters.”

In Season 2, “the composition of the team is going to change; there will be some new faces on the Waverider,” he said. “The season finale planted some very significant flags in terms of what the new concept of the show will be in season 2.”

Legends already is recruiting two new team members for next season, casting a male and female new regulars.

“We always wanted Legends to be distinct season to season, not only in terms of the composition of the team but also in terms of mission statements. The team’s mission statement for Season 2 is more compelling than Season 1, and at the same time, it is more streamlined. It’s a little bit higher concept, a very clean notion that will allow the show to do things that it does best.”

TVLINE | What went into the decision regarding Kendra’s fate in the finale?

In the finale, as you know, Vandal Savage is killed and Kendra and Carter literally fly off into the sunset together. We got into the writers’ room to start work on Season 2, working up character journeys for each of the characters. We got to Kendra and we found ourselves a little stymied by how neat a bow we tied off her story with, to the point where it was like, “Now what?” It’s got such a definitive ending, and it’s such a graceful ending. We questioned, “How do we get her back on the team? What would be motivating her?” It felt like the ending of Season 1 was very much about her needing to take some time with Carter and with developing her new identity, and every time we talked about how to bring her back to the team, it felt truncated and rushed. That started to make us think, “Maybe we should let this character be on her own, off the ship for a while.” That’s ultimately what we decided to do.