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Game of Silence - Ghosts of Quitman - Advance Preview

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Game of Silence “Ghosts of Quitman” was written by the team of Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson and was directed by Bill Johnson, whose other credits include Justified, The Expanse, and House. Deitchman and Robinson also collaborated on Parenthood the series and the movie Life as We Know it. This is another great episode that sees the group finding more questions and characters shifting dynamics.

Marina’s (Clarie van der Boom) new client, Diana Stockman, played by Sharon Lawrence, is definitely going to be an influence on Marina. Liz (Deidre Henry) receives orders and has to decide whether or not to obey them. There is a disagreement over who gets shotgun. Jackson (David Lyons), Shawn (Larenz Tate), and Gil (Michael Redmond-James) visit Quitman, and there are some revealing reactions in the present and memories.

Jesse (Bre Blair) meets her new boss (Roy Carroll played by Conor O’Farrell) who doesn’t appear to remember her. Jesse makes a new friend and is offered a new job. We discover that Shawn had a friend at Quitman. Liz gets another reason to be mad at Terry (Demetrius Grosse). Gil reveals a secret to the others.

Jesse recognizes someone. Jackson manages to say the wrong thing. Jesse and Jackson talk things over.

As always, here are a few dialogue teasers – in no particular order!

Men can be very defensive if they’re not secure.
You really think she’s one of them?
If you ever need a safe place, you come see me.
The train never used to stop here.
I think you’ve got a short term memory problem.
This was personal for her. She felt betrayed.
At this point, we have to assume the worst.

It’s gonna end the way we want it to because we’re the ones who are going to end it.
You’re not the same person as when you got here.
This arrangement is over.

Don’t forget to tune in to Game of Silence at 10/9C on NBC!

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