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Empire – The Lyon who Cried Wolf & Rise by Sin – Double Review

Empire’s second season is coming to an end. These are the latest two episodes before tonight’s season finale. Empire shines when it approaches the ending of a narrative arch and these two episodes were no exception. So much is going on.

The first episode, The Lyon who Cried Wolf is focused on Lucious’ mother that is unexpectedly alive. Her return to the family creates lots of troubles. Lucious has to tackle this ghost from the past and he explains to Cookie why he considered Leah Walker dead. When they took her away from his family, he decided so. Jamal starts another complicated relationship (he can’t catch a break, isn’t he?) with a closeted man, D-Major. I am not sure that I am rooting for these two. I don’t like them together. I really enjoyed this episode and I liked how they have introduced Leah. They have developed this storyline accurately, starting with the series of flashback and now giving a face to this shady figure. I hope Leah will stick around for a while. Anika-and-Rhonda’s storyline is the weakest, but at least they are revealing the truth.

The penultimate episode of season two is called Rise by Sin. This was an hell of an episode. I really loved it and the ending was so shocking and emotional, I didn’t see that coming. Let’s start by analyzing the various storylines. Jamal is not O-K-A-Y. His relationship with D- Major is a total mess and he fights with Lucious. The Lyons’ patriarch once again proves that he has no sensibility at all. Jamal tries to speak with Cookie, but she is so angry with him, because he keeps working with Freda. Well, Freda. Oh, Freda! Thanks to a crazy-drugged Carol, she gets to know that Lucious killed her father and she decides to shoot him. At least she tries, but Jamal is the real victim. In an heartbreaking scene, he is brought to the hospital. Cookie is destroyed. The episode ends with Leah that wants to talk to the press. I really loved this episode! It was well written and acted. Taraji P. Henson has to win an Emmy. She literally nailed it. I DEFINITELY expect Jamal to survive. Empire can not go on without one of its lead, can’t it?

Now we have just to wait and watch the season finale. I have great expectations! Let’s hope not to be disappointed.

What do you think of The Lyon who Cried Wolf & Rise by Sin?

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