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Blindspot - Season 1 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

Will we see a different version of Jane in Season 2?

Gero: Yes. The great thing now is that it's all on the table. Everybody knows everything now. And so, this kind of subterfuge that was happening between our leads is just not sustainable anymore. So, whether they like it or not, they're going to have to start to work together as a team.

Is any information going to come to light that will make Jane regret killing Oscar?

Gero: I don't want to give away too much for Season 2, but I think in the moment it was the right decision to make. She didn't want to kill Oscar. She wanted to bring him in, but the fight got a little out of hand.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jane is not Taylor Shaw. Was that always the plan from the beginning?
MARTIN GERO: Yes. Always. We don’t want to be seen as liars. I don’t want to ever say anything that is a straight-out misdirect. I was intentionally vague when talking about Taylor. I referred to her as Jane most of the time. For us, it was really important to have something like the DNA test in episode 3 come back, then the tooth be episode 4, and then not touch it for a while so we can all say, “Well, we did say the tooth did not directly contradict the DNA evidence.” If you put it early enough, people get lulled into forgetting about it. Subjectively, that was information Weller didn’t really want to accept, so as an audience, we go along with our main characters, and we also don’t want to accept it. The show is called Blindspot for a reason. Weller chose the pieces of evidence that fit the narrative that he wanted. That was always going to get him into trouble.

How is that reveal going to impact Jane?
Jane has a terrible last episode. From Mayfair dying, to her killing Oscar, to trying to come clean to Weller hours too late, she’s in a real state of flux going into next season. It’s going to be next to impossible for anyone to trust her again right away. This family that she’s created herself is then shattered in a lot of ways. Going into season 2, a big thing for us is the show reinvents itself a little bit as far as what these relationships are, can they be mended, and if so, how? I hope it’s going to lead to some really exciting storytelling.

TVLINE | Speaking of the Weller/Jane relationship, why is Weller so furious with her in the final moments of this episode, from your perspective?

She lied to him, you know? Had she not fabricated the memories of growing up together — Oscar gave her a bunch of photos and said, “Create memories out of these. They’ll bring Weller comfort.” And it did. And it also gave him certainty, to the point where he was second-guessing his father, right up until he digs up Taylor Shaw’s body. He knows she’s complicit in it. He doesn’t understand how little she’s complicit in it, but from his point of view, she lied to him about being Taylor Shaw, and therefore, she must be involved in somebody trying to really f—k up his life. He’s furious.

TVLINE | And given her arrest at the end of the episode, how will their relationship shift in Season 2?

You don’t want the audience to be way ahead of your characters, and the audience knows that Jane wasn’t really acting maliciously. Jane did most of these things under threat of them killing Weller. So their relationship is certainly under extraordinary duress, and it’s going to take some time to recover organically. Season 2 draws our most interesting relationship into a more interesting place, dramatically.

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