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Bates Motel - Unfaithful - Review

It’s coming on Christmas and there’s nothing but a chill in the air. Norman’s home, the furnace isn’t working, Norma’s trying to navigate between her relationship with her husband and her son, and Dylan is really looking forward to moving with Emma. Add all this up and you end up with one incredible episode of Bates Motel, entitled Unfaithful. One very special note about this episode is that it was written by the show’s very own Freddie Highmore. When I first learned that Freddie was going to be writing an episode I was very curious how he would be able to write in the perspectives of the other characters after playing Norman Bates for so long. Well I have to say, Unfaithful was absolutely brilliant! By far one of my favourite episodes of this season. Bates Motel continues to be ludicrously good!

The Bates house is freezing due to the heat not working and this leads the way for numerous events to unfold. Norman is back in Norma’s bed with the excuse that it would be warmer if they slept together. The look on Norma’s face was just priceless as you could tell she wasn’t to keen on the idea but is treading very lightly around Norman. It’s easy to tell that Norma is having a little bit of trouble with Norman being back and trying to slowly ease Norman into the actuality that she is genuinely involved with Romero. As the episode progresses Norma’s very slowly able to let the truth out about her relationship with her new husband. I loved how in the beginning of this episode Norma tells Norman that her and Alex actually became “good friends”, later that was upgraded to “liking him” and by the end of the episode she fully discloses that they are in love. The whole time I was thinking to myself, it’s like a bandaid Norma. It would be best if you just ripped it off all at once but we all know that’s not her.

Before the truth came out about Norma’s true feelings for Alex we watched anxiously as Norman was trying his best to unravel what has happened while he was away in Pineview. Norman’s visit to the sheriff station was an incredible scene and an eye opener for Romero, as he was told to divorce Norma with a small threat about exposing this fraud thrown into the conversation. That didn’t sit well with Romero as he ends up telling Norma about this and that she has to tell Norman the truth. Of course, Norman going behind Norma’s back only outrages her. In classic Norma form we see her stomping around the tree lot angry with Norman. I loved their exchange in this scene, as Norma mocks Norman’s scoffs with a lovely “pffff” and continues to somewhat act like a child. Things turn serous when Norman confronts her about sleeping with Alex and saying he knows she’s doing it for the insurance. I have to say at first I was relieved when Norma confessed that it wasn’t like that. That in fact Alex is a good man and that she likes him. At the time I was relieved because as a rational human being I thought that Norman would no longer view Romero as a predator and then I remember this is Norman Bates I’m thinking of. In Norman’s mind this is worse, his Mother is being unfaithful to him.

Throughout the entire series there have been a number of chilling scenes, but for me none of them more so then the long awaited peephole scene. In what would have been classified as a cute and tender moment between Norma and Romero in the motel turned into in a full-fledged Psycho moment. Norman creating a hole in the wall to spy on his Mother with her lover is beyond eerie but when we witness the tear trickling down his face, it hits how impactful this moment is. There is not a shortage of fear when watching this show, especially when we’re nearing the end of the fourth season. The dinner scene was horrifyingly good as Norman makes it painfully obvious that he has a strong aversion to the sheriff being with his Mother. The lecture he gives Norma was beyond frightening as it truly was very insightful and accurate, Norma is a hypocrite! It’s what follows this scene that terrified me the most, Norman with an axe in hand and looking at Alex. I’m extremely fearful that Romero is going to be Norman’s next victim but the only good thing about this scene is that at least Alex has seen first hand that Norman is immensely dangerous.

Not to be forgotten among all the crazy events that occurred in this episode, Dylan and Emma are getting ready to hit the road. Will they make a clean get away or will Dylan’s nagging feeling that something bad happened to Audrey get in his way? Also, will Romero’s downfall end up being Rebecca? Right now I’m worried about Romero’s safety and well being in so many ways. Not only do we have to worry what Norman will do to him but we are left wondering if Rebecca sell him out to the DEA. What do you think will happen?

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